Which is the best Country to get Permanent Residency in 2017?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on February 15, 2017

Best Country For Permanent Residency

Immigration to advanced countries often brings various changes in career and lifestyle. Seeking these positive changes in quality of life, thousands of individuals every year apply for permanent residency to the countries, i.e. USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc. Though, permanent residency is a way of getting settled in another country, however, it must not be confused with the citizenship status.

What is Permanent residency?

The Permanent residency visa holder in a country gets the right to live, study or work anywhere in the country on a permanent basis. A permanent resident enjoys several rights and privileges similar to a citizen. However, still a permanent resident shouldn’t get confused with the citizenship status. A citizen has few more rights than a permanent resident, i.e. right to vote or participate in elections, etc.

Which country is best to apply for PR in 2017?

For last three decades a trend of immigration to advanced countries is being followed far and wide all across the world. People from developing countries move to the advanced nations of the world for better life quality, job opportunities, high wages, high standards of living, better infrastructure and social security benefits, etc.

The world has not remained open to immigration anymore, as it was 2-3 decades or even one decade earlier. Hence, there are very few countries today, which we can say are immigrant friendly or open to immigration. So, the parameter of best country for immigration has changed over the years. It’s not just about moving to a destination with better infrastructure and high income jobs anymore, an immigration aspirant, must also look into the immigration scenario or acceptance in the country he/she is moving to.

There is no point immigrating to a country and then find yourself in an awkward situation when you are banned after few months of residency. You must choose a country which not only offers the best opportunities for immigrants, but also has acceptance for the newcomers in the country. Talking about the countries offering best opportunities and has acceptance for immigrants, Canada ranks right on top of the list.

Canada- Immigrant’s dream destination

Canada has emerged as the real paradise for immigrants in last few years. Its immigration target (over 300,000), eased immigration policies, well-structured immigration system, world class health and education system, multiple social security benefits, high employment rate, low crime rate, democratic polices, etc. have established it as the best destination to for immigrants to get permanent residency and settle permanently.

When countries in Europe and America are narrowing their gates for the immigrants, Canada really stands out and says we accept immigrants without any discrimination and prejudice. It has also opened the door for travelers affected by the recent travel ban imposed by America on seven Muslim countries. So, if you are planning to get permanent residency in an overseas country in the year 2017, Canada is surely the destination to consider without second thought. So, get your file prepared today with best Canada immigration consultant and apply for Canadian PR at the earliest.

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