What are the Key Tips to Get PR Visa Faster?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on April 28, 2021

What are the Key Tips to Get PR Visa Faster?

This is one of the most common concern of a lot of aspiring individuals and family planning to relocate. They want to find the best way to fast-track their Canada immigration process. When we talk about immigration application processing, it is important to follow the right process and protocol, which is the only key to speed up the processing.

Though, the Canadian government welcome newcomers with open hands and has different pathways via which you can move to Canada with utmost ease. Still, if you choose a wrong program, which doesn’t match with your profile, commit any mistake during application submission, etc. then you might have to face unwanted delay.

In order to complete the entire Canadian immigration process with utmost smoothness, you may consider the tips mentioned below:

  • Keep a track of possible errors- The overall processing time taken for each application varies based on different factors like, number of places available, from where you apply, background checks, etc. But to must avoid any unwanted delays or rejections you must: 
  • Submit relevant and accurate information and documents as per the checklist
  • Inform the IRCC about any changes done to your personal information like name, contact information, family situation, etc.,
  • Provide authentic and clear documents, translation and photocopies (if any)
  • Provide certified translations of any original documents submitted in any other languages except English or French
  • Pay the fee on time
  • Focus on improving CRS score- Canada follows a points-based selection system and you must score minimum CRS score to qualify for an ITA via Express Entry. To improve score, you may retake language test, gain more relevant skilled work experience, complete higher education, include your Partner Skills, and so on. 
  • Seek professional support- Sometime you have limited knowledge about the immigration process or miss out on any important immigration updates or changes. To avoid such situation, you may think about hiring a trusted immigration consultant who can support as well as assist you with the process. A registered immigration advisor has the required experience and expertise to help you with key aspects help you. They can help you avoid committing any unwanted errors or miss out any key details while submitting Canada PR visa application.

We recommend you to keep these tips handy while applying for permanent residency in Canada. For assistance, you may connect with our team of visa and immigration experts at Visas Avenue on a Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777.

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