New PNP Information Pages Added on Visas Avenue Website to provide Inclusive Info about Canada PNPs

by Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on March 13, 2018

Visas Avenue News and Updates

March 13, 2018, New Delhi, India– Visas Avenue, the popular Immigration Consultancy Service has added a new pages on its website

Information is the key to succeed in any field of life, and process of immigration is no exception in this regard. In fact, information, knowledge and updates are the key to success when you are applying for a visa in any overseas country. Canada being the foremost immigration destination in the world, tens of thousands of immigration aspirants every year apply for permanent residency in Canada.

However, many applications among the thousands get rejected as either the application or the supporting documents are incomplete/incorrect. Hence, knowledge and information of the process play a key role in immigration to another country.

Visas Avenue- a key encyclopaedia for the immigration applicants

Whether it is about helping the immigrants through its consultancy services social media posts or rich immigration associated content on the website, Visas Avenue has been a just perfect encyclopaedia for the visa and immigration applicants.

Visas Avenue Website

Visas Avenue shares the latest immigration news, updates, and information with the immigration aspirants all over the world through its official immigration website ( With its rich, informative and quality content shared through various web pages, Visas Avenue website can be termed as a complete encyclopaedia, especially for Canada and Australia Immigration applicants.

Right from top Visa categories, to different immigration programs, rule changes and separate Immigration News and Blog Section, it regularly provides the informative content to the people interested in immigration to Canada and Australia. Every day, thousands of people visit the Immigration News and blog Section on Visas Avenue website.

Recognition by key Reviewing Bodies

The quality and informative content posted by Visas Avenue on its website and other social media platforms has been praised by several reviewing bodies. The popular Immigration website reviewing website Canadian Visa Review praised Visas Avenue content posted on its website and elsewhere and gave it 80 percent weightage out of 100.

Feedspot ranked Visas Avenue blog among the top 5 immigration blogs in the world, based on its consistent informative blogs, news and updates shared on the blog page.
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New PNP and IELTS pages on Visas Avenue Website

The new PNP Information pages, provide inclusive information about the various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of Canada, i.e. Processing Time, Eligibility Requirements, PNP Occupation List, PNP immigration point calculator, etc.

Visas Avenue has also included IELTS information related pages on its website to provide the comprehensive information to the applicants about its IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

If you also want information about Canada immigration topics, i.e. Express Entry System, Canada immigration point calculator, Provincial Nominee Programs, Australia Immigration, IELTS for Canada and Australia, you may visit the website of Visas Avenue and explore the different sections or web pages including the all-encompassing information about all vital Canada and Australia immigration topics.

You may also follow Visas Avenue social media posts, blogs, Videos, and articles on different social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, etc.

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