Canada Increases the Maximum Age limit of Dependent Child – The New Age Limit will be “Under 22”

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on May 6, 2017

Age limit of Dependent Child

Canadian government is increasing the maximum age limit of the dependent child to be included in a visa application along with the primary applicant. The regulatory change in this regard has been published by the Canadian government. The current age limit for dependent child is “Under 19”, which will now be “Under 22” from coming fall.

New Age Limited for Dependent Child

The New Age limit for the Dependent child, i.e. “Under 22 years” will be applicable from October 24, 2017. The new age limit will be applicable to applications received by IRCC (Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) for all immigration programs active in Canada.

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Expected Positive Outcomes of the Decision

As per the government, raising the age limit for the dependent child will have positive outcome in terms of social and cultural development as we will help more families stay together.  This step also has a humanitarian aspect, as it will allow more children from refugee families to stay together with their parents.

Raising the maximum age limit will also help boost economy of Canada as more highly talented and skilled immigrants who wants their families together will choose Canada as their immigration destination.

Exception to “Under 22” Rule for Dependent Child

There is one exception to “Under 22” rule for the dependent child. The children, who depend on their parents due to adverse mental or physical health conditions, can be considered as dependent child even if they are 22 years of age or above.

One Step further by the government to Support Family Reunification in Canada

The liberal government is firm on its stand and commitment to support family reunification in the country. The government has been making significant changes to immigration process to fulfill its commitment regarding the family reunification, which it made during its election campaign.

Last week only, the government took another key decision to support family reunification, when it announced to repeal the conditional permanent residence rule for sponsored spouses and partners in Canada. There were incidents when this rule was being misused to force sponsored spouses and partners in an abusive relationship. By eliminating this requirement, the government has ensured that all the marriages are legitimate and no partner or spouse is forced to stay in an abusive relationship because of this disputed rule.

Streamlining the Parent and grandparent program (PGP) and increasing its intake limit to 10,000 in the beginning of this year was another key step to encourage family reunification. Government also announced last year to reduce the processing time of sponsored spouse and partner applications to 12 months.

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At the time when most advanced countries taking controversial steps against immigration and immigrants in the country, Canada is setting an example to the world by easing immigration rules and requirements for the immigrants applying for visa in Canada.

Want to make Canada your next home?

If you wish to move and permanently settle in Canada, you may get in touch with an Immigration consultants in Mumbai for Canada through immigration process support and assistance. At now several Canada immigration is in pipeline to open and invite the vast number of skilled workers in Canada. Good luck for your visa application!

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Immigrate to Nova Scotia – the Most Preferred Place for Settlement in Canada with staggering Immigrant Retention rate

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on March 17, 2016

Nova Scotia Place in canada

Are you looking for the best city to settle in Canada? The people who look to settle in Canada, their search often revolves in and around Ottawa. Well, if you have gone through the title of this article well, you have read it right. The Nova Scotia is one of the most liked places by the immigrants to get settled in Canada. It is seen that the communities and society play a major role in persuading an immigrant to get settled at a particular place or city. If this is to be believed, then Nova Scotians can be considered as the most friendly and welcoming people among various other Canadian provinces and territories.

Nova Scotia is one of the most liked places by the immigrants to get settled in Canada

Nova Scotia Makes Effort to Retain Immigrants

As per the Minister of Immigration for Nova Scotia, Lena Metlege Diab, Immigrants help build our province and make Nova Scotia a vibrant and dynamic society. Growing our economy is critical to Nova Scotia’s future and attracting immigrants is crucial to our economic success. Through hard work, Nova Scotia successfully negotiated with the federal government for increased immigration nominations.”

In 2015, the province nominated 1,350 immigrants under PNP, it was almost double of the number 700, at what they capped in 2014, said Lena.

Apply For Nova Scotia Immigration

To attract the immigrants in Nova Scotia, the province started four new immigration categories. Out of which, two were for the Express Entry stream and rest two were for magnetizing the international entrepreneurs and keeping the overseas graduate entrepreneurs in the province. The aim that province has is not just to lure the immigrants but also to invite the individuals and families who are willing to begin and build a new life here.

Remarkable Immigrant Retention rate of Nova Scotia

The province has really been focusing on the retention part to a great extent. And for this to happen, the efforts, such as, magnetizing new immigrants in the province, structuring new immigration streams, and helping newcomers settle, etc. are being made consistently. And these efforts are indeed reflecting in the Statistics Canada report, which says that Nova Scotia has retained 74 percent of immigrants, who came here between the years 2008 to 2013. This staggering figure tells the whole story itself.

Nova Scotia PNP

The Province has come a long way to achieve this target, especially when we look back at the retention rate of 48 percent way back, in the initial years of decade 2000.

Nova Scotia Plans to welcome more immigrants

The province of Nova Scotia has got plans to welcome and retain more and more new immigrants and refugees in the future. In order to make this target successful the immigration department of Nova Scotia is working hand in hand with the Immigrant Service Association of the province to help the immigrants settle in a hassle free manner. The immigrant services i.e. job-readiness, language instruction, and cultural integration and training are being made available across the province.

So, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, we suggest you must place Nova Scotia on top of your priority list.

Nova Scotia Points Calculator

How to apply for Immigration to Nova Scotia?

Well, the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program is the immigration program; you can apply to in order to immigrate to this incredible Canadian Province.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program: Well, the NCPNP is basically a three stage procedure:

  • First of all, you need to apply in NCPNP submitting all the essential documents.
  • The Province will review your application and if you are selected you will receive a nomination certificate
  • Once the nomination is received, you can apply to IRCC for the permanent residency in Nova Scotia.

How Visas Avenue can help you get the PR in Nova Scotia, Canada?

The Visas Avenue today is the top immigration advisory company in India that has the expertise in Canada and Australia immigration. All our immigration experts are thorough with the various immigration programs of Canada including NSPNP.

All you need to do is call the immigration expert to book the free appointment, so that the process for Nova Scotia immigration can be started at the earliest. Alternatively, you can fill the free assessment form available, so that an expert can call you back with the complete assessment of your profile.

Enter Your Details and Check I am Eligible for NOVA Scotia Program

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