Some Vital Tips to Prepare for Permanent Residency in Canada from India

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on April 5, 2017

Get PR in Canada From India

Canada has been the dream destination for many Indians since long. Talking about Punjabi-Sikh community, Canada is like a second home to them. Every individual from Punjab must be having a relative in Canada. Well, it’s not that only Punjabis from India move to Canada. People from ever parts of India apply for Canadian visa every year. Canada’s democratic setup, lenient immigration policies and multicultural society attracts a huge number of people in India.

If you also aspire to move to beautiful maple leaf country, you may note down a few key tips to prepare for immigration to Canada.

Crucial tips for Canada immigration Preparation

Like moving to any other country or place, Canada immigration also demands preparation of some few key tings, before you plan your move.

Cold climate

You may find Canada’s weather extremely cold in few provinces and territories. Hence, gather and pack all your warm clothes with you, as you might need them badly upon landing. The temperature in Canada can go well beyond the zero degree in winters and can be bone-shaking, especially when you come from a relatively warmer climate like India.

Express Entry Point Based Immigration System

If you are a skilled worker applying for a Permanent Residency visa in Canada, you must be aware about Express Entry point-based immigration system.  It’s the federal immigration system in which you need to apply and secure sufficient immigration points to obtain Canada PR invitation.

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Prepare Your Immigration File

Canadian Department of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is very particular about its immigrant process and visa rules; hence, you must collect all your demographic, work experience, educational documents, and make an Immigration file. This file can be handy as it may include all the documents as well as updates about Canada immigration process. This may prove vital if you plan to hire an Immigration Consultant.

Have Enough Funds

You require showing the proof of adequate funds in your account while applying for Canadian permanent residency. These funds you must maintain in your account to cover the expenses of you and your family when you arrive in Canada. As per the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), for one family member, you just need to show at least $12,300 in your account. For two family members, it goes up to $15,312 and accordingly rises further if you have more family members.

Search for a Good Canada Immigration Consultant

If you are well aware of the Canadian visa and immigration process, you can apply on your own, however, if not then search for a genuine and registered Canadian Immigration Consultant to get inclusive support to apply for Permanent Residency visa in Canada. An Immigration Consultant with its years of experience and expertise provides you vital support in various immigration process stages, i.e. online profile creation, visa filing, documentation, follow up of application, and resume rebuilding, and so on.

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Finally, Canada is a wonderful country to live, work, and get settled permanently, in view of eased immigration rules by Canadian government in last one year; it’s the best time to apply for Canadian visa from India. Good luck!

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