Significant Rise Seen in International Students in Australia- 89% satisfied with Education Experience

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on March 1, 2017

Education In Australia

Australia has seen a considerable rise in the International students coming to enroll in different courses of study in the country. As per a recent report, a rise of about 10 percent observed in the foreign students coming to the Oz compared to last year.

Moreover, as per the International Student Survey, 89% of the foreign students in Australia are content with their higher education experience in ‘The Lucky Country’.

Year 2016 has been phenomenal for International Students in Australia

In the year 2016, over half million students studied in Australia in different courses, from about 200 countries. Among the courses of study, vocational education recorded 12 percent while the higher education registered the growth of 13 percent compared to earlier year (i.e. 2015).

The yearly growth of about 11 percent observed in the international education registered in the Oz since 2013 and the key government entity, i.e. National Strategy for International Education 2025 is committed to further enhance on the constant growth in foreign education in the country in the years to come. It also underlines the quality as the key factor behind the steady growth in the international education in the country.

Government is committed to encouraging the International Education in the country

As per the statement from the Minister of Education and Training, Australia, the government is committed to building on the record growth in the Oz education sector in future. It also had the meeting with the CIE (Council of International Education, last year in this regard.

As per Simon Birmingham, the Minister of Education and Training, Australia, the year 2016 was a significant year for International students in Australia as the record number of students expressed satisfaction about their education experience in Australia. The international education in the country also plays a crucial role in the socio-economic growth of the country.

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The survey also reveals that international students consider the education system, safety and security, and reputation of qualification as the key reasons to Study in Australia.

As per Birmingham, international education in Australia also supports over 100,000 jobs in tourism and retail sectors in big cities as well as regional parts of the country. The foreign students coming to study in Australia benefit the country multiple ways. They make contact with the local students in the country and the students here get much more equipped for the global stage by getting the exposure to the international culture and prospects said Birmingham. Hence, the government is looking to welcome more international students in the year 2017.

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