Planning to move to Canada? Know about language skill requirements in Canada & methods of improvement

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on September 12, 2015

Skill Requirement Method in Canada

Canada is an advanced country with advanced economy and infrastructure. Canada’s living standard, quality of life, employment opportunities, favorable government policies, ideal climate, etc. lure millions of migrants and force them to immigrate to Canada in huge numbers. Especially, people from Asian countries, i.e. India, China, and the other South Asian countries have a huge attraction for Canada Immigration. However, one thing that troubles them most is the getting adjusted to the new environment and communities here in Canada and also their limitations in terms of language proficiency.


Proficiency in English or French required

The English and French are the two main official languages of Canada. All the Government documentations & publications are available in both these languages across the country. Hence, proficiency in one of those languages is must if you want to establish your career here in Canada. The English is the most common language across various Canadian provinces. However, French is the major language in the provinces, i.e. Quebec, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and a few territories of Ontario. Proficiency in English or French language can help you many ways if you are looking to work, business, and study or permanently settle in Canada, i.e.

  • Communication and interaction with people
  • Using Government Services
  • For the Employment
  • Children interaction in Schools
  • Applying for citizenship

The Benefit of language proficiency in Employment

Although proficiency in one of the Canadian language is necessary, however, if you strive for efficiency in other language as well, i.e. French, your chances for finding a job across various provinces will be boosted for sure. It may happen that your proficiency in English or French is decent; however, when it comes to implementing the same in your routine office work, you struggle most often. Hence, being an expert and fluent in the essential corporate words, phrases, or impressions etc. is quite necessary for any immigrant to Canada. In such a scenario, getting formal language training shall really help your cause. It is advisable to attend the formal language classes before you actually enter in Canada. However, there are options in Canada as well to attend such language training classes for further proficiency.

Language Training in Canada

There are many language classes or programs in Canada being funded by the local or federal governments. However, if you opt for private language classes, you would need to pay for the same. To know more about Government funded language training classes, you need to explore the territory websites, helping the newcomers to get settled. You can also register for the taxpayer-funded language training available in your area.

Certification of Language Test

Below are the various tests organizing and certificate issuing entities for both English and French Languages.

Tests and certifications for English Language:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language– Often needed for colleges).
  • CELPIP ( Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Tests and certifications for French Language:

  • DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française)
  • TEF (Test d’évaluation de français)

How to get the further assistance regarding Immigration to Canada?

Well, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you need to go through a multifaceted immigration procedures and documentations to apply for a Canadian Visa. In case, you miss out on any key aspect or procedural guideline, it could lead to a denial of your candidature, which is the last thing you would want, as the visas needs to be approved within a limited period of time most of the time.

Under all such circumstances, a help, guidance, or assistance from a trusted Immigration Consultancy Service is essential for a timely immigration to your desired country. Visas Avenue is one such reputed Visa Consultancy Service that has a team of qualified and experienced Immigration Experts. Visas Avenue has been helping its worldwide clients to immigrate to immigration hotspot countries, such as, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, etc. over the years.

In order to get in touch with us, you can fill up the free assessment form available on the Visas Avenue website, so that our Immigration Specialist can assess your profile and subsequently contact you with the expert immigration advice, based on your profile details. You can also make a direct call to our immigration specialist, to get a vital guidance and help for filing the visa with 100% accuracy and completing the immigration procedure to ensure a guaranteed approval in time.

Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. Visas Avenue is not a job recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.

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