Looking for a peaceful place to settle? – Atlantic Canada Badly Needs Immigrants in view of its Ageing Population

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on March 28, 2016

Apply For Canada Permanent Residency

Canada is probably the best country for the immigrants to live, work and settles down permanently. Every year a huge number of people apply for permanent residency in Canada and several among them get it too. However, you won’t believe that there are regions in Canada, which still greatly in need of immigrants. The major Canadian region that requires immigrants is Atlantic Canada. The Atlantic Canada includes the one eastern province, Newfoundland and Labrador and three Maritime Provinces, i.e. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Apply for Canada Permanent Residency 

There are various reasons as to why a few regions looking for immigrants; the one among the top reasons is the uneven influx of new immigrants across the various provinces and territories in Canada. Let’s discuss it further to understand it better.

Immigrants settle where immigrants already are

The primary reason for this uneven influx of immigration in Canada is the fact that immigrants often choose to settle in a place, province, or territory, where already immigrants live in huge numbers. For example, close to seventy percent of new immigrants get settled in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, etc. places. The reason behind this possibly is, immigrants getting their own communities in these places, the job opportunities are higher, huge infrastructure, etc.

Atlantic Canada needs Immigrants

As per a report, the Atlantic Canada gets only close to 2.5 percent of immigrants. Atlantic Canada needs the new immigrants more than anything else to stabilize its economy and ensure the growth and development of the region in the coming years. As per the renowned economist, Richard Saillant, one among the five individuals in Atlantic Canada is a senior citizen and in next 20 years, it will be one among three.

The intellectuals in the region are in touch with the federal government and proposing the steps to control the situation, i.e. launching of new immigration programs for Atlantic Canada to attract immigrants in the region, making it compulsory for immigrants to spend 3 years in the region to become eligible for the citizenship and so on.

Interested in immigration to Atlantic Canada? Here is what you need to do

Well, if you wish to immigrate to and settle in Atlantic Canada, you would require applying in the key immigration programs of the region. Applying in both PNP and Express Entry simultaneously will further enhance your chances of selection.

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