New Immigrants Account for over 60 percent Population growth in Canada in 2018- Apply PR now

by Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on April 1, 2019

Immigrants Contributed 60 % of Canada’s Population growth in 2018


Canada is popular as a country of Immigrants since long and it has proved this aspect time and again. The data of Statistics Canada is speaking for itself if you are still in doubt. As per the latest report from Statistics Canada, new immigrants account for more than sixty percent of Canada’s population growth last year.

Immigrants have a larger share in Canada’s population growth

In 2018, the total increase in Canada’s population reached to mark of 37,314,442. The new immigrants, especially, who entered in 4th quarter accounts for a large share. Out of the total number, 321,065 new immigrants recorded in the year 2018.

The population of Canada raised by just over 5 million over the course of last year. Out of which, the credit for 80 percent increase goes to International Migration.

Things changed after Introduction of Federal Express Entry System in 2015

In the last two decade, the population growth of Canada has been a mixed bag of events. The century begins with the record of natural growth in the maple leaf country, which accelerated a bit after rising in international migration, especially between the year 2006 and 2014. It again dipped in 2014, however, after the introduction of Canada’s Federal Express Entry online immigration system in 2015, the population growth raced again riding on the increase due to swift international migration.

Around the same time induction of the new liberal government in Canada also helped the cause of population increase. Now, as per the Statistics Canada, the immigration growth in the country has taken over the natural growth of the maple leaf country.

Scope for Immigrants in Canada is on the rise

In the recent best country annual survey conducted by US News & World Report, Canada ranks as the best country in the world based on Quality of Life and ranks among the top 3, based on Citizenship and Education parameters. Canada at the moment has the most lenient immigration policy and easiest of permanent residency process unlike the mighty USA and UK, who are finding new ways every year to control the number of immigrants in their country.

Hence, undoubtedly is the best country for immigrants in the modern era. The government of Canada is planning to admit over one million new immigrants in the country on a permanent visa by the end of 2021. This is as per Canada’s Multiyear Immigration Plan 2019-2021.

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