Looking to Explore Right Professional Opportunity in Australia in 2018? Get your skills assessed fast

by Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on January 6, 2017

Professional Opportunity in Australia

Are you looking to find a professional opportunity in Australia in the year 2018?

Well, it requires several key preparations at your end. You need to be completely equipped as a skilled migration visa applicant. Preparations include, understanding the point-based immigration system of Australia, exploring the skilled visa categories, and also choosing the relevant occupation from Australia’s Skilled Occupation Lists. Arranging key documents is also a key part of these preparations. One of these key documents is Skill Assessment Report.

What is Skill Assessment Requirement in Australia?

As just discussed, as a skilled migration visa applicant, you need to choose an occupation from the appropriate skilled occupation lists of Australia. A Skilled Occupation List is the list released by government of Australia every year that contains the occupations, which have very high demand across different states and territories of Australia.

You require nominating an occupation from relevant Skilled Occupation List (SOL) as an applicant of skilled visa in Australia. However, you must provide a proof that your skills have been assessed or evaluated for your nominated occupation by a relevant assessing authority.

(Note: With effect from April 19, 2017, Australian Government has replaced the old Occupation lists, i.e. SOL & CSOL with new Skilled Occupation lists, i.e. Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) & Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

The visa applicants, eligible to nominate an occupation from STSOL, also have access to some occupations in MLTSSL. Hence, both the lists (STSOL & MLTSSL) have been combined to form a new Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations and hence, there is no separate STSOL list.)

Skilled Assessment Report

You must provide a complete Skill Assessment Report from a recognized assessing authority, which in turn will be used when you apply for the point tested skilled visa in Australia. The skill assessment remains valid for 3 years from the date of issuance or till the expiry date mentioned on it, whichever is earlier. The skilled assessment done by an assessing authority is often based on the professional standards of that particular profession.

Which Assessing authority can assess your skills?

The list of assessing authorities for every occupation is given by both, Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and consolidated sponsored occupation list (CSOL) of Australia. This is accountability of every skilled visa applicant to obtain the skill assessment from the relevant assessing authority for his/her nominated occupation.

Every assessing authority has its own process, time frame and fees for assessing the skills. Hence, you must ensure that you contact an assessing authority well before submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Skilled Visa in Australia. The assessing authorities usually require the post-secondary university/trade qualifications from the applicants to prepare a positive skill assessment. For certain occupations, relevant work experience may get accepted. On receipt of ITA (Invitation to apply) and submitting the application for visa, you must attach the scanned and certified copy of your skill assessment from relevant assessing authority.

Want assistance to prepare and apply for Skilled Visa in Australia in 2017?

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