Liberals Have Kept Canada Lenient on Immigration- Eyes Long term gains

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on March 1, 2017

Key Pathway for Canada Immigration

Liberal government in Canada is known for their soft stand on immigration. Their lenient immigration policies are evident from the enhanced immigration rate of Canada in last couple of years. Liberals have favored immigration of skilled workers, family class immigrants, and even refugees in the country. Perhaps they are best aware about the demographic challenges country may change in years to come.

Government understands the Rising Demographic Challenges

Canada’s population growth has been a worrying factor for the government. The reports revealing the reduction of young population (below 15 years) compared to the senior citizens (above 65) in Canada has shocked many. And perhaps the government was first to realize the upcoming challenge that may arise soon with the consistent fall in the workforce in the country.

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Positive Aspects of Immigration

While most of the advanced countries are busy in counting various reasons to control the immigration in their countries, Canada has seen a vital positive aspect of immigration on the country.

The immigration in the country has benefitted Canada sine long. And it will also play a major role in the growth and development of the ‘Great White North’ in coming years.

Let’s take a look at the few positive aspects of the immigration that has kept the advanced countries, like Canada, Australia etc. lenient on immigration.

Immigrants involved in Obtaining Education

In several advanced countries including the USA and Canada, etc. the children of the immigrants have obtained the higher education in great numbers compared to the locals right from the word go. This is an exceptional feature of immigration in any country. Great education mean, a useful resource, knowledgeable citizen, better-skilled professional, etc. for a country.

Flourish Real Estate Sector

Immigration in several countries flourished the real estate sector of the host country to a great deal. The people coming to the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. from different countries look to rent or buy an accommodation in these countries, which in turn benefit real estate industry in the host countries.

Enhances Entrepreneurship

Immigrants coming as entrepreneurs to several advanced countries have created more jobs in those countries compared to the local entrepreneurs, which is a phenomenal aspect of immigration.


Immigrants not only pay their taxes in time, but also help the economy of the country as Entrepreneurs, and being a part of highly skilled and talented workforce. Talking about USA and Canada, immigrants are at all important positions in the corporate sector, politics, sports, defence, and Science of Technology, etc.


Immigrants belonging to different countries, cultures, background, etc. bring in lots of new ideas, information, skills, experiences, etc. to the host country. The innovative minds, ideas, and technology have helped the US, Australia, Canada, and many other countries significantly in the area of technology, research, science, and business and production, etc.

The positive immigration policies of Canada have resulted in the significant immigration rate of the country in the year 2017 so far and it is likely to continue in coming months as well. So, if you are an aspirant of Canada immigration, it’s the perfect time to apply for the Canadian visa.

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