Key challenges you might face in the Canada immigration Process?

by Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on February 20, 2017

Immigrate to Canada

Canadian work visa and permanent residency is two of the most desired visa categories across the world today. Canada is undoubtedly one of the best countries for immigration and permanent residency with its lenient immigration rules and well-structured process of immigration and Permanent Residency (PR). The process is organized for sure; however, by no means it’s a cake walk.

You have to follow each and every immigration process guidelines and follow the instructions to the core for successful immigration to Canada.

Obstacles you may come across during Canada immigration process

While following the process, you may get stuck many a times as an applicant, however, if you are applying through a trusted consultant, you will ultimately defy the obstacles to be a winner of Canadian visa. Let’s find out the troubles you may find during the immigration process of Canada and how you can deal with them.

Choosing the right immigration program

Every immigration applicant has a different qualifications, work experience, language proficiency level, etc. Canada has multiple pathways or immigration programs to allow immigrants in the country. Most of the Canada immigration programs follow a point based process, where they allocate immigration points to the candidates.

The applicants with high immigration point score often win the ITA (invitation to apply). However, not all immigration programs have same selection criteria or points score required. Hence, you must choose a program that suites your profile to have the best chance of securing visa. An experienced immigration consultant with its expertise and experience can help you choose the right immigration program to apply.

Not getting ITA

Applied in Express Entry or any other immigration program and didn’t receive the ITA. This is the most common obstacle Canada immigration applicants face. However, with the help of an expert, you can find out whether you need to enhance your immigration point score or require applying in any other Canada immigration program.

Received a rejection in the application

Waiting for the visa approval, however, on the contrary, received a rejection in the application. This is the heart breaking thing for any applicant. Forget about elimination of the same, many a times, the rejection is not even explained well-enough for the understanding of a layman. At this time guidance of assistance from an experienced migration expert can prove vital for you as an applicant.

Not sure about the document checklist

The Canada immigration process has a well defined document checklist that includes, Language proficiency test result, ECA, birth/marriage, etc. certificates, photographs, etc. As an applicant you need to be aware how to obtain these documents, what will the obtaining time, in what format the documents are required, etc. A visa application submitted though the help of an expert often makes things easy for you as an applicant and also eliminates the chances of error in submitted application or documents.

Seek Assistance from a Canada immigration expert?

If you are serious about immigration to Canada, you may explore the list of leading Canada immigration consultant online or through other means. You may also get the vital Canada immigration process help by sending your queries to registered and most experienced Canada immigration consultant at or simply fill the free assessment form to confirm you eligibility and receive a call from expert.

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