Immigration is Beneficial for Australia- Says experts and Economists

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on March 9, 2017

Immigration Policy of Australia

The experts and economists in Australia emphasizing on the growth of the country among the calls for tightening up the immigration rules in view of various reasons. The Australian immigration system has been praised by many countries in the recent past, however, there are group of individuals who still are backing to make the immigration rules and process of Australia stringent.

Split Opinions in Australia

The opinions and perspectives in Australia are split among the people who support immigration its being the key component of economic growth and the ones who want immigration to be controlled in Australia in view of various reasons. Pauline Hanson is one among the politicians of Australia who wants to curb immigration based on religion.

On the other end, Jarrod Kerr is one among the eminent personalities in Australia who backs immigration in view of its contribution towards Australian economy and growth. The other key aspect of immigration opinions is the stand of Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, have been blamed in few incidents for implying stricter immigration rules based on the ethnicity, religion, etc. factor. However, Dutton dismisses all such blames on him.

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Concerns about Rise of Discriminations in Immigration policy

A few intellectuals have raised concern that discrimination may arise considering the new 10-year visa being offered to people from China as part of a pilot scheme. They have concerns that in future; individuals may get targeted based on their religion, place of birth etc. factors. However, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is convinced about the fact that it won’t lead to any visa policy discrimination and rules out any possibilities like this in the year to come as well.

Australia needs Young Skilled Migrants

The key Economist Jarrod Kerr believes that Australia should take in more young skilled migrants in of rising demographic challenges in the country. He shows concerns about the population growth of the Oz and says its critical for the growth of the country.

As per him in Japan and Several European countries, the governments could replace their ageing workforce due to the low population growth, which in turn negatively impacted the economic growth in these countries.

Hence, to replace the retiring workforce, Australia huge immigration intake of young and skilled workers from overseas, who could replace the retiring workforce in Australia and consequently, support the economic growth of the lucky country.

Australia has traditionally been the supporter of immigration. A significant part of the Australian population is born outside Australia or has roots outside Australia someway. In the past, immigrants have contributed considerably to the economy, growth, and development in Australia, and they are expected to play the same role in the coming years also.

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