Express Entry Qualifying Marks are Stable around Low Mark- Is this the right time to apply Canada PR?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on September 16, 2017

Express Entry Qualifying Marks for Canada PR

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have kept the cutoff score or CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) requirement more or less stable in the last few Express Entry draws. The good news for the Canada PR applicants is that the qualifying marks are stable at the low mark or score.

Hence, a big question is making all the express entry applicants restless, i.e. will it remain the same, i.e. stable in the upcoming draw as well. Let’s explore the possibilities of the same.

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Stable Express Entry Qualifying marks

If you take a look at last few draws of federal express entry system, you will find that the cutoff score or CRS score requirement from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has remained more or less stable. In the 17th express entry draw (launched on 12th July), CRS Score requirement form IRCC was 440 points. In the very next draw, it was marginally increased by one point to become 441 points.

EE Draw Results in last Five Draws

Draw No. this year Draw Date No. of Invitations CRS sore requirement
17 12-Jul 3,202 440
18 2-Aug 3,264 441
19 9-Aug 2,991 433
20 23-Aug 3,035 434
21 6-Sep 2,772 435


In the very next draw, the i.e. 19th draw of express entry launched on August 9, 2017, qualifying marks dropped to 433 CRS points from IRCC. Since then, the CRS score requirement from IRCC is hovering around this mark only. In the last draw of express entry (launched on September 6, 2017), the cutoff score announced by the IRCC was 435 points or more. Hence, overall, the qualifying marks have remained stable most of the time in last few draws.

Stable CRS Score Requirement in Last few EE Draws

Is qualifying Marks are Being Driven by Number of Invitations

If you closely look at the Number of invited Candidates for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) via last few draw of Express Entry, you will find a trend going on. In last 5 draws of express entry system, the IRCC have kept the number of invitations to in and around 3,000 Mark. The number of invited applicants in last 5 draws are 3,202, 3,264, 2,991, 3,035, and, 2,772.

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Hence, it is evident that IRCC has set a target to invite about 3,000 candidates to vide every express entry draw. And the qualifying marks are being set and announced keeping in mind the number of applicants to be invited per draw. This is the reason that we have not seen any big deviation in the cut-off marks as of now.

Good time to apply for Canada PR Visa?

It’s the perfect time to apply for Canadian PR visa via federal express entry system. Since the launch of Express Entry system in January 2015, rarely we have seen qualifying marks or CRS score requirement from IRCC stable around 430 Mark. It used to remain close to 500 marks most of the time in the last couple of years.

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Hence, it’s the right time to apply for express entry and get invited, when the qualifying marks are relatively low. To confirm your eligibility for Canada PR and apply for the same through the certified Canada migration expert, you can fill our free visa assessment form. Alternatively, send your queries and details to e-mail id-

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