Immigration to Canada from India- How easy or difficult it is to get settled

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on February 22, 2017

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The people often have different opinions when it comes to immigration experience; however, a general perspective is formed based on the majority of experiences. Immigration and life in Canada is no different in this regard. Although Canada is considered as the country of Immigrants, however, immigration to Canada from India has a history that goes back to a century. Even today, a huge number of people from India move to and get settled in Canada permanently. However, people often have different experiences and perspectives about immigration to Canada and opportunities there for Indians. Let’s find out what exactly is the life of an Indian in Canada.

Find an Opportunity in Canada as an Indian

As just discussed, immigration to Canada from India has been significant over the years. Let’s analyze the key aspects of an Indian moving to and living in Canada. There have been several opinions and debates about opportunities in Canada for Indians. It is said that highly qualified Indians, i.e. Doctors, Engineers, etc. end up grabbing odd opportunity in Canada to make living.

However, there is another aspect linked to this fact. When you start a fresh in any country or in another state in your home country, you always have to face few challenges. There are cases when people move to another location in their home country and doesn’t find the suitable opportunity and have to adjust in terms of their profile and area of work, etc. to make living. Same goes with Canada.

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Life in Canada for Indians

Indians especially, from Punjabi and Sikh community, have moved to Canada in good numbers since last one century and immigration to Canada had been fruitful to most of them. It is evident to see Indians in all important positions in the maple leaf country. Today, about 15-16 Member of Parliaments in Canada are from Indian origin, moreover, Canadian Defense Minister, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, Minister of Small Business and Tourism all are from Indian origin. Indians are known to be talented and hardworking people; hence, despite facing the initial challenges in a new country, i.e. Canada, they make it big after few years.  In fact, it is a win-win situation for the Canada and Immigrants from India, as Canada gets the skilled and talented people to join its workforce, on the other end, Indians get benefited by getting high standards of living, better quality of life, free healthcare and education, world-class infrastructure, etc. facilities.

Move to Canada on PR Visa

If you also one of the Canada immigration aspirants in India, you can plan you move to Canada in view eased immigration rules and policies in 2017. So, coordinate with a trusted Canadian visa Consultant to prepare your file and apply in the best PR Program.

Federal Express Entry System is the best pathway at now to apply and obtains Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. Launched in January 2015 by IRCC, it is the fastest point-based immigration system of Canada to obtain PR visa. To confirm your eligibility for express entry system and apply in the same, you may contact the certified Canada immigration expert at Visas Avenue Immigration.

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