What is the easiest process to immigrate to Canada from India in 2019?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on January 7, 2019

Immigrate to Canada from India in 2019

In 2019, immigration to Canada is going to be on song, considering the massive annual immigration target of the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In last few years, all the immigration aspirants, experts and intellectuals across the planet have praised the flexible and tolerant immigration policy of Canada.

Although, eased visa policy, rules and process requirements have made immigration to Canada hassle free, however, you still need to complete the whole procedure, which cannot be said as a cake walk by any means. So, which is the easiest pathway or process to move to Canada from India in 2019?

Easiest Pathway to move to Canada in 2019

Canadian government has employed a point based procedure for allocating permanent residency (PR) to the skilled and talented people applying Canadian PR from foreign countries. This system is based on some selection factors, i.e. age, education, language ability, work experience, etc. Check here your eligibility

This system is applicable to both Federal and Provincial Immigration programs of Canada. Needless to mention that federal immigration program belong to central government, while the provincial programs belong to different provinces/states or territories of Canada. Now, depending on your total point score based on all selection factors, you can choose the easy program for you.

Easy program depends on your immigration point score

This is something to understand for all the Canada PR aspirants and applicants applying for immigration to Canada from India in 2019. As mentioned earlier, Canadian immigration system is based on the points you score for six selection factors. Now, if your point score (also known as CRS Score of an applicant) is high enough, you may choose to apply in Federal Express Entry system as it’s the fastest among all.

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Apply Canada PR via Express Entry System

Express entry System was launched by Canadian government in 2015. The EE system assess the applicants based on their point scored for key factors and accordingly allocate permanent residency to them.

You first need to create profile in express entry system mentioning all key details of your profile and score minimum 67 points in FSW category of EE System. The IRCC will assess your profile and give it a definite CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score. Further, it selects and invites the top scoring profile from the express entry pool to apply for Canadian PR, through a periodic draw called Express Entry Draw.

Immigration to Canada through Provincial Nominee Program

On the other hand, if your point score is not high enough, in the EE system, you can apply in the Provincial Nominee program and obtain the nomination for Canadian permanent residency. The nomination received from a particular province or territory in Canada makes it easy for you to acquire permanent residency in Canada, as depending on the stream applied, you get massive additional points for provincial nomination.

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