Disappointed with High CRS Score Demand from IRCC? Don’t worry, you Still have Options to get Canada PR?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on November 14, 2019

Get Canada PR even with low CRS Score

The CRS score demand has touched 2019 high and reached to the mark of 472 CRS points in the most recent Express Entry draw opened on 30th October 2019. The lowest CRS score requirement this year was 438 points, however, after this, in most of the express entry draws, the cut off was never reached anywhere near this mark.

This has disheartened most of the Express Entry applicants with considerably low CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score in the EE system.

If you are upset too, we have news to cheer you up! You can still get the Canada PR invitation, that too even with a low CRS score. Well, yes. You read it right. You can get PR even with a low express entry score. Let’s find out how.

Go into Deep Analysis

Go into deep analysis of your profile to find out what you can correct or improve. Check each selection factor to find out which one can be improved upon to enhance your express entry CRS Point score.

For instance, the age is certainly not the factor you should be looking at, as you can do nothing about it. However, improving your IELTS score for English proficiency can certainly increase your total points. You can also add your spouse/partner’s credentials to get additional points. The Canadian government also allocate bonus point to the express entry applicants based on some key aspects, i.e. to the applicants, who have proficiency in French, etc.

Find below the key factors based on which you get additional or bonus points.

Additional points (Maximum 600 points)

              Factor Maximum points per factor
Brother or sister living in Canada (citizen or permanent resident)


French language skills


Post-secondary education in Canada


Arranged employment


PNP nomination                     600


Get Provincial Nomination to earn 600 extra CRS points

There are some Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), which are aligned with the express entry stream of Canada. These PNPs belong to different provinces of Canada and nominate the skilled and talented people from overseas for Canadian permanent residency. The Provincial programs, i.e. AINP, NSNP, OINP, etc. accept the applicants even with the low express entry score and subsequently, nominate them for Canada PR. If you have got the provincial nomination, you become eligible to get 600 additional CRS points in express entry and in turn the Canada PR invitation from IRCC.

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Visas Avenue is a trusted Canadian Visa Consultancy Company in India.

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