Applying State Nominated Visas in Australia from Chennai? Call the Expert to Confirm Latest Rules

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on July 13, 2018

Aussie State Nominated visa

Australian State South Australia has recently updated its Skilled Occupation list for the year 2018-19. Moreover, it is now inviting applications from the talented skilled workers to apply for relevant State Nominated Visas, i.e.

  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190- Permanent Visa
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 489- Temporary Visa (4 years)

Both the above visa categories are point tested visa categories, which come under General Skilled Migration (GSM), hence, to apply and obtain these visas, applicant need to score good points based on their, age, education, work experience, language proficiency, etc.

Move to Australia from Chennai on State nominated visa

Well, the special thing about state nominated visa is that to apply for this visa, you first need to get a nomination from any state or territory in Australia. Also, you need to score minimum 65 points (as per the latest changes) based on key factors of your profile, i.e. English language proficiency, age, education, work experience, etc.

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However, 65 points can make you eligible applicant, but it cannot guarantee that you will be invited to apply for the desired state nominated visa. Hence, you must score higher points to make your chances stronger to obtain the ITA (invitation to apply) for the visa.

Did you check your eligibility for State nominated visa?

Well, if you have not checked your eligibility for State Nominated Visa in Australia, as of now, it’s the high time you go for that and get it checked. You can use Australia Immigration point Calculator to check your total immigration points for State nominated Subclass 190 or 489 visa.

If you have not got it checked till now, you may call Visas Avenue certified Australia immigration expert today to confirm all the process details as well as the eligibility status. You may also visit Visas Avenue Immigration Consultancy office at Anna Salai, Chennai.

How Visas Avenue Chennai office helps you?

Visas Avenue is top and registered Visa Consultancy Company in India. VA Visa Advisory office in Chennai offers you following aspects of Australia immigration process:

  • General Skilled Migration
  • Australian Permanent Residency
  • SkillSelect System
  • Expression of Interest
  • Invitation to Apply
  • Subclass 189 /Subclass 190 visa
  • Online Immigration Point System
  • SkillSelect Invitation Rounds

Lastly, if you are interested in applying above said visa in Australia, you may either visit the Visas Avenue Visa consultancy office at Anna Salai, Chennai or you can call Visas Avenue Immigration Expert on Contact No. 044- 40547777or E-mail to

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What is nomination for Australian Visa? How to get a Nomination from State or Employer to work in Australia

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on August 23, 2016

State Nominated Visa For Australia

Today, there are thousands of youngsters across the world, who aspires to live and work in astonishing Australia. However, choosing the right pathway for immigration is one of the main concerns the aspirants of Australian visa often have.

Getting nomination from an Australian employer or state or territory government agency is one of the key methods to acquire a visa and immigrate to Australia. Let’s find out what is a ‘nomination’ and how can you get the same to become eligible to live and work in Australia.

What is a ‘nomination’ for Visa in Australia?

A nomination is a recommendation of your contention as Australia Visa applicant that determines that your skills, experience, qualification, etc. are relevant for the occupation nominated/selected by you. A nomination letter or intimation include the details, i.e. your name, location of your employment, current market salary for the job as well as the salary you will be getting, etc. You can get the nomination from two different entities, i.e. Employer/organization or State or territory government agency in Australia.

  • Nomination from Employer

If you an overseas skilled visa applicant has applied for an employer sponsored visa, i.e. Subclass 457 visa, Subclass 186 visa, etc., the nomination is the method of choosing that overseas skilled worker for a specific job role that comes under shortage occupations in a recognized business. As an applicant, you first need to obtain the job offer from Australian employer and subsequently, apply for the relevant employer sponsored visa in Australia.

  • Nomination from a State or Territory Government Agency

If you have applied for the state or territory sponsored visa, you require submitting the EOI (Expression of Interest) in the SkillSelect online system. The State or Territory government agencies will review your profile in SkillSelect and nominated you upon finding suitable.

Different states have different methods of nominating a candidate; hence, it is advised to coordinate with the authorities directly as well once you have submitted EOI online.

Based on the category of Visa you have chosen, you can be selected for nomination by an Australian employer or state or territory government agency.

What are the key requirements of getting nominated for a Visa in Australia?

Australia uses point based system to determine the eligibility of a candidate when you are applying for non-sponsored or state nominated skilled visas, i.e. Subclass 189 visa, Subclass 190 visa, subclass 489 visa, etc. However, for the employer sponsored visas, you have to first obtain the employment offer from an employer in Australia and apply for visa. The key requirements for receiving a nomination for Australian visa are as follows.

  • Decent qualification in your nominated occupation
  • Good experience and skills in the occupation you have chosen
  • IELTS test result with good score
  • Skill Assessment report by a relevant authority for your nominated occupation.

How Visas Avenue can help you get apply for visa in Australia?

To get the all-encompassing assistance and support to follow the Australia’s immigration process and apply for the visa, you can get in touch with – Visas Avenue Immigration. The Visas Avenue is a top and registered immigration consultancy company in India that helps immigrant to move to Australia in a hassle free manner.

To discuss your immigration with the certified Visas Avenue experts, call at the nos. 011-48447777 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore), or 040-42467777 (Hyderabad). Your immigration queries received on email id – will be answered by the qualified visa and immigration experts at earliest.

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