Most Popular Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on June 3, 2022

Most Popular Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2022-2024 is quite ambitious. Overall, the Canadian government aims to invite a total of 431,645 Economic class immigrants in 2022, 447,055 in 2023 and 451,000 in 2024 to help the Canadian economy sustain, drive future growth, and drive growth creating Jobs in Canada for Immigrants.

As a matter of fact, out of these figures, around 60% will come under economic class programs, named Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program.

According to a report released by Randstad, a multinational employment agency following were the 15 best jobs in Canada in 2022:

  1. Key Account Manager
  2. Developer
  3. Marketing Manager
  4. Registered Nurse
  5. Driver
  6. Customer Service Rep
  7. Welder
  8. Engineer
  9. Accountant
  10. Cloud Architect
  11. HR Manager
  12. Electrician
  13. IT Project Manager
  14. Mechanical Engineer
  15. Accounting Clerks

The entire list is developed based on Canada’s current in-demand jobs and includes various roles in different fields. As we know, Canada always needs skilled workers who can meet the labour market need and fulfil the market gaps.

The list indicates that Canada needs workers across different industries and exceptionally skilled workers. With Canada’s tech industry booming, the country needs people to fill vacant positions across various sectors. For instance, a full-stack developer with experience in front and back-end programming can be benefitted as their skills are high in demand in Canada.

Many Canadian provinces are also in need of trained and registered nurses. With a prediction of facing a shortage in the coming year, Canada focuses on its healthcare sector as it’s one of the most significant contributors to Canada’s job growth.

Move to Canada in 2022

With such a demand for skilled workers in Canada, this is the right time to start your Canadian immigration process. Your first step is to discover the right program based on your educational and professional background and immigration goals.

A detailed profile assessment can help you choose the right economic immigration program in Canada, via which you can apply for Canada PR Visa in 2022.

Though there are more than 80 economic class immigration pathways to Canada, the best out of all is the Federal Express Entry System. It was introduced in 2015 by the Canadian government to replace the old first-come, first-serve system.

The Express Entry revolutionized the entire Canadian immigration system, thanks to its transparent point-based selection system and swift application processing system, i.e. only 4-6 months for complete PR applications.

The EE system is responsible for managing permanent resident applications from skilled foreign nationals under three essential economic class immigration programs, naming:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Under all three programs, the IRCC select and invite skilled applicants based on their skills and an ability to contribute to the Canadian economy.

If you are interested to apply for Canada PR as a skilled worker in 2022, you may take a free profile assessment and find the most suitable program.

Alternatively, you may call us on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop an email at

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A Huge Number of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada Got Permanent Residency over the Years

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on March 30, 2017


As per the statistics Canada a huge number of temporary foreign workers successfully converted their status to a permanent resident of Canada. A significant rise in the transition rate is observed between years 1990 to 2014. It has happened largely due to the immigration programs prefer the work experience in the maple leaf country.

Significant percentage of temporary workers transitioned to Permanent residency

The Temporary overseas workers usually come to Canada under two key categories, i.e. Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) and International Mobility Program (IMP). A vast number of overseas workers (about 9%), who came to Canada on work permit between years 1995 and 1999 got the permanent residency status in Canada within 5 years only. The rate of temporary foreign workers getting converted into permanent residents increased to thirteen percent between the years 2000 and 2004. Now, between years 2005 to 2009, this number raised to staggering twenty-one percent.

Various Immigration Programs in Canada help immigrants obtain Permanent Residency

In last few years, a vast number of immigration programs have been launched by both federal as well as provincial governments in Canada. The federal government offers the permanent residency to the temporary foreign workers via Canadian Experience Class (CEC) stream of its Express Entry System which was launched in January 2015.

The CEC was launched in the year 2008 and it allows the skilled workers from overseas to obtain the permanent residency status in Canada, once they meet the eligibility criteria. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the three streams of Express Entry along with Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) stream and Federal Skilled Trades (FST) stream.

On the other end, the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of the various provinces also offer the Canadian PR to the skilled and talented workers from overseas.

How to get direct PR visa in Canada instead of applying for Temporary Visa

You can apply for PR visa in Canada through Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), etc.  If you apply in some specific streams of above mentioned programs, you can obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada.

Click here to know more about pathway to apply for Canada PR

To get the best assistance to apply PR Visa in Canada you may call the certified immigration expert at Visas Avenue on Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, send an e-mail to


Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. Visas Avenue is not a job recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.

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Want to Live and Work in Canada? Find out Where and how to start

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on January 13, 2017

Jobs in Canada

Do you have plans to live and work in Canada, but confused where and how to take start for the same?

Though, immigration to Canada for a better career and life sounds tempting, however, you first need to go through multifaceted immigration process before you land in the maple leaf country to begin a new career and life. Hence, if you are a layman, it is quite natural to get confused listening to multiple guidelines, instruction and procedural steps, etc.

If you are applying through an Immigration Consultant most of your worries and concerns are taken away by your consultant, who guides you through the whole process. However if you are applying on your own, you require understanding each aspect of Canada immigration right from word ‘go’.

So, let’s take find out where and how you must start for immigration to Canada.

  • Gather the Essential Information

First of all, you must gather the essential information with regards to Canada immigration process, guidelines, instructions etc. If you are migrating to another country, it is to be aware of all the basic or firsthand information about the immigration process, visa options, rules and guidelines, settlement aspects, etc. in that country.

  • Assess if you need Immigration Consultant

It is crucial to assess and determine whether or not you require an immigration consultant for Canada immigration process. After reading the immigration guidelines and instruction, you will be in a position to decide, whether you can follow the process on your own or not. If you are a layman not much familiar with the immigration rules and guidelines, it is better to be safe and get services from a registered Canada Immigration Consultancy Service. A genuine immigration consultant provides you comprehensive support and assistance in immigration process from start till the approval of your visa.

  • Explore the Process to apply for Immigration to Canada

The process is different for temporary work visa or permanent residency in Canada.

  • Canadian work permit: Temporary Work permit allows you to live and work in Canada for up to four years. However, to apply for work permit you first need to obtain the LMIA approved job offer from a Canadian employer. Once you have applied for a job in Canada and got a LMIA approved job, you can apply for work permit.
  • Permanent Residency in Canada: Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) allows you to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis and enjoy the most of the rights and privileges similar to a Canadian citizen. Express Entry System is the most popular pathway to apply for PR in Canada.

Express Entry system is the most common method to immigrate to Canada. Every year thousands of candidates register in express entry system to get PR in Canada.

How to Apply in the Express Entry System?

If you wish to apply in Express entry system you would require to basic documents, i.e.

  • Language test result score to verify proficiency in English (i.e. IELTS) or French language, as these are two official languages in Canada.
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from a relevant assessing authority.

Once you have obtained both these documents you can submit EOI (Expression of Interest) in the online Express Entry System for Canadian immigration. You must score minimum 67 points in the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) of Canada to become eligible to apply through express entry as a foreign skilled worker. Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) launches a draw called Express Entry Draw, every fortnight to select the best ranked profiles from express entry pool of candidates. The candidates selected in an express entry draw get the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residency in Canada from IRCC.

Visas Avenue- Making Immigration to Canada trouble free and smooth for the applicants

If you seek assistance and support for immigration to Canada, you may get in touch with certified immigration experts at Visas Avenue. Visas Avenue is a prominent and registered Visa Consultancy Service for Canada. You may call the immigration expert at Visas Avenue on contact nos. 011-48447777, 011-46194650 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore), or 040-42467777 (Hyderabad). Alternatively, drop an email to Visas Avenue email id-

Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. Visas Avenue is not a job recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.

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