Canada is Repealing the Conditional Permanent Residence Requirement for Sponsored Spouses

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on April 27, 2017

Canada Spousal Visa Program

Sequence of Steps for immigrating to Canada smooth and hassle free repealing the conditional permanent residence requisite for sponsored spouse visa in Canada

In its series of steps for making immigration to Canada smooth and hassle free for deserving candidates, Canada is repealing the Conditional Permanent Residence requirement for some Sponsored Spouses in Canada. This was one of the key election promises made by liberal government in the 2015 federal elections.

What is Conditional Permanent Residence Status?

The term or status of Conditional Permanent Residence was introduced by former conservative government way back in the year 2012. The idea was to discourage the marriages of convenience, wherein a few immigrants used to get involved in fraud marriages to get Permanent Residency status in Canada.

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Later, they used to dump their partner after getting the Canadian PR status. The people involved in such marriage used to pretend to be in a happy relationship, to get the PR status for one of them. The money was also involved in this whole scam for obtaining Permanent residency status in Canada. Hence, the government came out with a policy in accordance with which the sponsored spouses or partners were needed to remain in a conjugal relationship with their sponsoring partner for at least 2 years.

The Conservative government at that time introduced the policy of conditional permanent residence status that requires new immigrants in Canada to live with their sponsoring partner for two years before they get the formal PR status in Canada. Failing this condition, the sponsored spouse faces a deportation.

Issues with Conditional Permanent Residence Rule

There have been complaints that people get caught in the abusive relationship because of this rule. The incidents of violence also reported in such relationships bound by rule of conditional permanent residence. The decision regarding repealing of this rule was on the cards as government last year also announced that this rule may get removed in 2017. The formal announcement regarding this policy may take place later this week. It may also feature in government newsletter in the first week of May 2017.

Exemptions for Abusive Relationship didn’t work out well

Although the government also kept the exceptions wherein a sponsored partner could appeal for exemptions in case of abuse by the sponsoring partner, however, it didn’t work as a solution. The key reasons for this were, first, the victims were not aware of this, second, whoever applied for the exemption for this rule, found the whole trial or process quite agonizing.

A few agencies are also involved in such unlawful practices, where they promise the applicant’s entry in Canada through illegitimate ways. You as an aspirant of Canadian visa must refrain from such agents or agencies.

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Want to apply for the visa in Canada through legitimate means?

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Canada will continue Improving Spousal Visa process- Marriages of Convenience remains a Concern

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on January 23, 2017

Family Immigration Canada, Family and Spouse

The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will continue to improve the application process for sponsoring the Common Law Partners and Spouses in Canada. Recent changes to the family reunification program have enhanced the process already and the essential amendments may continue in future as well for further improving the process.

Spousal Sponsorship Immigration Program- A key program to reunite couples and families

Spousal and Common Law Partner Sponsorship Program is a key part of Canadian Immigration system and immigration policy that helps reunite a hug number of couples and families every year in Canada. However, in last few years, “marriages of convenience” have been the key concern for the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

What is a marriage of convenience?

A marriage of convenience is basically a fake marriage or relationship pretended to find entry in another country based on Spousal Visa. The individuals seeking easy entry in Canada without going through the federal or provincial immigration process often get involved in such illegitimate activities. However, the immigration authorities have got the various checks in place to detect such “marriages of convenience”, i.e. interviews, document verification, house visit, etc. To with these checks, the IRCC has also launched a comprehensive application package in December, 2016 for the people sponsoring their common-law partner or spouse to Canada. This package shall specify the documents need for the candidates.

Marriage of convenience- An overview of the Statistics

As per the recent IRCC reports, 2,228 spousal sponsorship applications got rejected in the year 2015, due to the applicants were detected to be involved in a marriage of convenience. This number of such refusals accounted for total of 6.1% of all PR applications rejected the same year. Till first week of January, 2016, a total of 778 applications were being examined in doubt of a marriage of convenience.

The figures indicate that a huge number of applications are now being identified as authentic applications. The June 2016 data reveals the 86 percent success rate of applications under Spousal or common-law partner sponsorship program. There are two aspects of rejections in case or marriage of convenience. First, if an applicant is found to have maintained a marriage of convenience to immigrate to Canada. Secondly, an applicant had broken off its earlier relationship to and entered into a new relationship to find the entry in Canada as a sponsored spouse. Later, such applicants resume previous relationships to sponsor their ex-partners to Canada.

Canadian Government is in support of genuine spousal sponsorship entrants

The government is in support of the genuine and legitimate spousal sponsorship applicants. In fact, the government has a plan to welcome 64,000 new applicants under spouse or common-law partner sponsorship, as well as dependent sponsorship program.

The IRCC has also made key changes in the family reunification program to facilitate the entry of people coming to Canada on family-sponsored visas.

A few of these changes include:

Looking to apply for family or Spousal Sponsorship Visa in Canada in 2017?

The year 2017 is being considered as best year to immigrate to Canada on Skilled Migration visa or Family sponsored visa in view of several relaxations offered by the Canadian government.

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