How to Speed up your Canadian Immigration Process?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on May 24, 2022

How to Speed up your Canadian Immigration Process

Canada is undoubtedly the most popular destination among aspiring immigrants globally. However, if you wish to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident, you must understand the Canadian Immigration process and follow the procedures and protocols.

The Canadian government offers different pathways to migrate to Canada with or without your family. However, to be successful, you must keep a few things in mind to avoid any delay in application processing at any stage.

Things to keep in mind to speed up your Canadian immigration process:

  • Choose the most suitable Canadian immigration program based on your profile assessment.
  • Gather all supporting documents as per the checklist in advance and submit as and when asked by the IRCC.
  • Always inform the IRCC about any changes to your personal information like any change in your name, contact details, family situation, etc.
  • Always submit visible photocopies and documents.
  • Always provide English or French translations of any document written in a language except English or French.
  • Never submit any inaccurate or misleading information or document.
  • Never miss a deadline for documentation, application submission or fee deposit.
  • Always respond to IRCC’s request for any additional document or information in a timely fashion.

Most Popular  and Fastest Pathways to apply for Canada PR Visa in 2022

  • Express Entry Under Canada’s Federal Express Entry system, the IRCC takes the final decision on complete applications within six months for 80% of the cases. Starting from profile creation and receipt of ITA to final PR application submission, the entire process takes around 8-10 months.
  • Provincial Nominee Program PNPs generally take up to 12-18 months.

Immigrate to Canada in 2022

If you are willing to move to Canada as a skilled worker, choose an expert visa consultant and get the right piece of advice and assistance throughout the entire process.

With the right amount of expertise and experience, our team at Visas Avenue can help you choose the right pathway and focus on minimizing the possible fallout that may result in visa refusal or rejection.

To reach us, you may call on a Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop us an email at

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How to immigrate to Canada in 2022 without LMIA?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on March 15, 2022

How to immigrate to Canada in 2022 without LMIA

The Labour Market Impact Assessment, popularly called LMIA, is issued by Economic and Social Development Canada (ESDC). In most cases, an employer needs a positive LMIA to hire an international worker and support their job offer for the Federal Express Entry system. It also assesses the impact of recruiting a skilled foreign worker in Canada.

However, an Express Entry applicant under the following scenarios doesn’t need to get an LMIA from their employer for supporting the job offer:

  • If they are working full-time for an employer on a valid work permit for a minimum one year or an equal amount of part-time
  • If they have a valid job offer in hand
  • If they have a valid work permit with LMIA exemption under an international agreement, a federal-provincial agreement or “Canadian interests” category.
  • Jobs exempted from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

For Canadian immigration through Express Entry, you may get exempted from requiring LMIA to qualify if you are temporarily working in an LMIA-exempted job, which states a specific employer/s and which is:

  • Covered by CUSMA or GATS international agreement and non-trade agreements. This may include traders, investors and professionals.
  • Covered by Canada and a province or territory agreement. This includes projects of “significant investment.”
  • Exempted on “Canadian interests” grounds like significant benefit where an employer may prove that you have a potential to bring social, economic or cultural benefit to Canada. This includes Self-employed engineers, creative artists, technical workers, workers transferred within a company and workers under Mobilité francophone.
  • Reciprocal employment allows foreign workers to get a job in Canada, with Canadians having similar job offers in other nations. In general, it includes professional coaches and athletes working in Canadian teams, youth and young professionals under International Experience Canada, which is a work abroad program and professors and visiting lecturers under exchange programs.
  • Minister designated jobs like researchers, visiting professors, medical residents and fellows, etc.
  • Charity and religious work except for volunteers

Individuals under LMIA Exemption 

Following people are exempted from requiring LMIA:

  • Dependents including spouses and children of Skilled foreign workers who are Canadian work permit holders
  • Provincial Nominees
  • Intra-company Transferees
  • Foreign workers working for a charitable or religious institution in Canada
  • PhD students under a post-doctoral fellowship program at any Canadian DLI
  • Spouses and common-law partners of international students who are studying in Canada as valid study permit holders

Canada Immigration pathways without LMIA 

Following are the most popular and most accessible Canada PR pathways through which you can move to Canada without a job offer or LMIA, to be specific, from any Canadian employer:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program- Managed under the Federal Express Entry system, the FSWP is one of the most popular economic immigration programs among skilled foreign workers. To qualify, you must meet minimum requirements for skilled work experience, language ability and education. Based on six selection factors, you must score 67 points out of 100 on the FSW points grid.

The foremost requirement is to have a minimum of 1 year of skilled work experience in any National Occupational Classification (NOC) job groups, including Skill Level O, A or B. The work experience can be gained outside of Canada, but it has to be full-time or an equal amount of part-time within the past ten years.

Additionally, to be eligible and enter the pool of candidates, you are also required to meet the other minimum eligibility criteria, i.e.

  • to obtain minimum CLB 7 in all four language abilities
  • to have completed a certificate, diploma or degree and an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for education obtained outside of Canada
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program is also managed under the Federal Express Entry program. It is ideal for those skilled foreign nationals who want to apply for a Canada PR visa based on being qualified in a particular skilled trade.

To qualify for FSTP, you must have a qualification certificate in a particular skilled trade. The certificate must be issued by a Canadian provincial, federal or territorial authority. In addition, candidates must have a minimum of two years of work experience (full-time or an equal amount of part-time in a skilled trade gained within the past five years before applying and must meet the language requirement, i.e. CLB 5 for Speaking and listening and CLB 4 for Reading and writing.

Apart from FSWP and FSTP, the following PNPs also offer you a permanent pathway to Canada without requiring a Job Offer and LMIA:

  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)- Ontario’s Express Entry – Human Capital Priorities Stream offers the best Canada PR pathway to applicants who don’t have a job offer from a Canadian employer.
  • Occupation In-Demand
  • Express Entry
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)– Under Alberta Express Entry Stream, you don’t need a job offer and an LMIA to qualify. All you need is to meet the selection criteria for any one of three Express Entry programs, including:
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class Program

Are you looking for professional assistance to take forward your Canada immigration process? If yes, you may connect with Visas Avenue- one of India’s leading visa and immigration consultancy companies.

We work with ICCRC registered members who can advise you throughout the entire Canada PR application process, documentation, and more. You may reach on Toll-free no. 78-18-000-777 or drop us an email at

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Canadian Visa Success Story- Find out how Immigration can raise your Living Standard & Quality of Live?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on February 14, 2017

Immigration to Canada, Live & Work in Canada

The quality of life in a developing country can be frustrating at times.

Dheeraj is the best example of the individuals, who often get disappointed with the limited resources and quality of life in the underdeveloped nations.

A few months back Dheeraj was really concerned about the rising expenses, limited salary, low standards of living, poor health care facilities, and quality education for the children, and various such issues in life. He couldn’t save any money at the end of the month due to his rising monthly expenses, i.e. utility bills, groceries expenditure, high school fees of the children, credit card bills, taxes, EMIs, etc.

Many a times he discussed the issue with his wife that if their savings and investments are not adequate, they may not be able to give a future to your children, which they deserve.

The life in urban areas is usually fast paced, which doesn’t give you time to think about your future plans and career. This is what was happening with Dheeraj as well, until he got a call from Tanuj, who was settled in Canada. This one phone call changed Dheeraj’s life.

Dheeraj told Tanuj about his sloppy and feeble life situation. Knowing this, Tanuj suggested Dheeraj to apply for Canadian permanent residency visa and move to Canada with family. He told Dheeraj how his life has changed after moving to Canada.

He told Dheeraj that he and his family enjoying the better quality of life in Canada with free healthcare system and free quality education for children, high income, better infrastructure, better job opportunities and high standards of living. When Dheeraj showed interest in immigration to Canada, Tanuj suggested him to contact Visas Avenue for best Canada immigration process help. He also told how Visas Avenue provided him the best immigration process support and made it possible for him to move to Canada within the specified time.

Dheeraj walked in to Visas Avenue office with great expectations and found their services no different what he was told about. He was received well by the immigration specialists and after going through his document and profile details, suggests him to apply in the Express Entry System- the fastest and most popular immigration program of Canada. Dheeraj attained the essential documents and submit the profile in express entry with the help of Visas Avenue.

His case was followed by the best immigration experts at Visas Avenue and eventually he got the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian permanent residency. Dheeraj also got the approval of visa within couple of months of receiving the ITA.

Dheeraj Sharing his experience with Visas Avenue

Well, the story ends well, as Dheeraj is the happiest man on earth now with improved quality of life and standards of living in Canada. He along with his family is enjoying the multiple social security benefits and living the life they dreamed off once, in one of the top advanced countries, i.e. Canada.

Visas Avenue has been the script writer of many of such happy ending stories, where people achieved their immigration goals and moved to their dream destination through the vital Visa and Immigration Consultancy services from Visas Avenue.

If you also want to write a success story like Dheeraj, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue representative for best immigration advice and support.

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Contact Visas Avenue at:

011-48447777, 011-46194650 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore), or 040-42467777 (Hyderabad)

Skype Id- visas.avenue or visas.avenue1

E-mail id-

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How long does it take to move to Canada from India? What is the minimum Visa Processing time?

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on July 21, 2016

move Canada from india

If you are moving to Canada from India, the first question you will have is,

How long will it take to move to Canada?

Canada is obviously the most desired immigration destination, especially in a country like India that has huge number people already settled in Canada and many apply for the same every year. However, processing time of visa and other immigration process is the huge concern people often have. So, let’s find out as to

What is the processing time of immigration to Canada from India

Well, the processing time usually depend on your Nationality, type of visa, and the immigration program you have chosen, i.e. express entry system, QSWP, PNP, PGP, etc.

Moreover, it also depends on the factors, i.e.

  • How clean was your verification process,
  • How soon you have provided the asked documents by authorities,
  • How long your medical examination and police verification, etc. took.

Let’s explore the visa processing time under different Canadian immigration programs.

Visa Processing time under different Immigration programs of Canada

The immigration processing time under different immigration programs of Canada is as follows:

  • Express Entry System: The Express entry claims to process your visa within 6 months time. However, it may vary depending upon the individual cases and the verification status, etc.
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) – If you apply in the QSWP program, your immigration processing time would be around 11-12 months, depending on your individual documents and verification process.
  • PNP (Provincial Nominee Program): The processing time for PNP programs can vary based upon the separate PNP program, i.e. SINP, NSPNP, MPNP, etc. However, usually it takes 12 months or even more depending on the status of individual or program.
  • Spouse or Common Law Category Visas: The processing time of this category of Visas depends on the nationality of the applicant, however, for India its 20 months as per the latest updates.
  • Business Visas: The processing time of Business visas, may vary depending upon the type of business visa you are applying, your nationality, and the verification status, etc.

However, it is always advisable to apply under the guidance of a reliable immigration consultant or expert to avoid any error or misunderstanding with regard to documentation, processing time, and immigration guidelines, etc.

How to get the reliable Immigration consultant to apply for visa in Canada?

If you want the support and assistance to apply for the visa under expert guidance, you can contact the certified immigration experts at Visas Avenue. You will get the thorough assistance and support to apply for the visa online/offline, documentation, visa filing, visa follow up, etc.

The experts at Visas Avenue are available on contact nos. 011-48447777 (Delhi) or 080-46668222 (Bangalore). You may also send your Canada Immigration queries on Visas Avenue email id- to get the appropriate and prompt reply from the immigration experts. The Visas Avenue is the leading Visa Consultancy Company in India that specializes in Canada Immigration and visa process.

Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services. Visas Avenue is not a job recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.

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Want to Settle In Canada? Find out the best way to fulfill your dream

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on July 20, 2016

PR in Canada


Today, millions of people dream to settle in Canada in view of its fantastic settings and perfect livable conditions for the new immigrants. However, choosing the right method or process for Canadian immigration is the key concern for most of us, who have aspiration to settle in Canada. Let’s find out how

Express entry system of Canada can help you settle in Canada?

The Express Entry is the point based system of Canada that offers the permanent residency in Canada to those candidates, who are able to achieve the required point score as per its point based system. Let’s first understand

What does permanent residency in Canada means to you as an applicant?

As a Permanent resident visa holder in Canada you can:

  • Live, study or work anywhere in Canada
  • Apply for Citizenship in Canada
  • Get the Health care and most of the other social benefits, which a Canadian Citizen gets, and
  • You are protected under Canadian law & the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The PR visa is the major achievement for settlement in Canada

So, you can see that once you are able to get PR visa for Canada, you will eligible to get most of the rights like citizen of Canada. The best thing is you can live and work in Canada for indefinite period. It works as the stepping stone for your citizenship in Canada. Now, you must have got an idea by now as to what is your primary objective as an aspirant of settlement in Canada.

Now your next questions must be,

How to get PR visa for Canada? What should be my first step?

Well, your first step will depend on your knowledge and experience about Canadian immigration and visa process. If you know proceedings and immigration rules, process, etc. you can simply gather essential documents and apply online in Express Entry System.

However, if you don’t have much idea about the Canadian visa and immigration process, etc. It’s advisable to,

Contact a Registered Immigration Consultancy Service to get key Support for Immigration to Canada

It’s the fundamental step to get in touch with a reliable immigration consultant if you are a layman. A genuine immigration consultant helps you in all the key aspects of immigration to Canada, i.e.

  • Explaining you the process
  • Creating your online profile
  • Help you gather documents
  • Help you get the certifications, i.e. IELTS English test and Educational Skill Assessment (ECA), etc.
  • Filing the Visa application with office
  • Following up of the application on a regular basis with office

You get the vital support from a genuine immigration consultant in all the above factors.

If you wish to begin the process for immigration to Canada at earliest, you can contact the certified and registered immigration experts at Visas Avenue on contact nos. 011-48447777 (Delhi), 080-46668222 (Bangalore), or 040-42467777 (Hyderabad).

Visas Avenue is the leading Immigration Consultancy Company in India that specializes in immigration to Canada. You can also send your Canada immigration enquirers to Visas Avenue email id-

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