Canada Ranks No.1 Country in the World for Quality of Life

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on January 27, 2018

Canada Best Country in the world

Canada has been ranked as the number one country as far as Quality of Life parameter is concerned, while on overall parameters, it ranks 2nd best country in the world, second year in row. It has found 2nd place in the list of 2018- best countries report by US News and World Report in the overall ranking. It occupied this position, in the list of 80 countries, while Switzerland ranks at first position. Canada beat several other advanced nations based on several parameters.

Also, on citizenship parameter, it ranks at 4th position. Canadian government, in the last couple of years, has taken several steps to ease the immigration and permanent residency process in the country. As a result, the ranking of Canada has improved tremendously in the Citizenship parameter.

Canada ranks as the best country in the world based on ‘Quality of Life’ parameter

Canada ranks at first position based on Quality of Life parameter of the best countries report by US News and World Report. The Quality of Life ranking factor includes several key factors, i.e. quality of public services (Education and Healthcare, etc.), affordability, income equality, safety, political stability, job market, family friendliness, economic stability, etc. Canada understandably scored highest, i.e. 10/10 marks on this parameters. Thousands of immigrants moving to Canada every year justifies Canada’s status based on these parameters.

Canada ranks as 2nd best country in the world overall

Canada as it is one of the best destinations in the world to live, work and settle permanently with family. This is the reason, that every year, tens of thousands of people move to Canada and get Permanent Residency Status. The immigration rules of Canada are not stern like USA, UK, etc. countries. Moreover, the tolerant society of Canada makes it easy for the immigrants to integrate and settle without much of hassles. Canada has got a few of the top livable cities in the world and its living standard of much higher compared to several other developed countries.

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2018- Top 10 countries

Switzerland and Canada both successfully defended their 1st and second position respectively, which they secured in 2017 as well. Germany improved its ranking by one place and hence, it ranks 3rd in the list. The United Kingdom lost its ranking by one place, and it’s now at 4th position in the list of best countries. It may be due to Brexit and other such factors. Japan and Sweden ranks at 5th and 6thposition with no change in their ranking compared to last year. Australia on the other hand, improved its ranking by one place and it now ranks at 7th place overall in the list of best countries in the world. The USA, France and Netherland found 8th, 9th and 10th place in the list respectively.

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