52 Canada & Australia PR Visa Approvals in September-October – Visas Avenue Team is truly riding on Success

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on November 3, 2018

Canada and Australia Visa Approval

The unbeatable success rate of Visas Avenue that started few years back is still going strong, as the VA team is achieving new milestones every month. It is quite evident when we look at the number of PR visa approvals Visas Avenue team has obtained for its clients, who applied visa in Canada and Australia through the VA team. In September and October, Visas Avenue has acquired as many as 53 Canada and Australia PR Visa approvals (57 overall). This is truly outstanding achievement by the whole team of Visas Avenue Immigration.

57 Visa Approvals in 2 months

Visas Avenue has obtained total 57 visas in September and October month. Out of the total number of visas, 52 are Permanent Residence (PR) Visas for Canada and Australia. Visas Avenue is known as the best Visa Consultancy for Canada and Australia, and it has proved it once again as t why it’s the most trusted Immigration Consultant in India for Canada and Australia immigration and PR process. Let’s take a look at the list of Visas Avenue clients who got visa approvals in last two months.

List of clients received Canadian Visa approvals through Visas Avenue in Sep-Oct 2018

S. no. Client Name Date of Approval/PPT request Category of Visa
1 Prabhu K 25-09-2018 PR
2 Shikha D 1st Sep 2018 PR
3 Navneet B 4th Sep 2018 PR
4 Hemant K 4th Sep 2018 PR
5 Ravindra S 7th Sep 2018 PR
6 Kaarthikeyan P 8th Sep 2018 PR
7 Arjun K 11th Sep 2018 PR
8 Drishya K 11th Sep 2018 PR
9 Manas P 11th Sep 2018 PR
10 Vamshi T 20th Sep 2018 PR
11 Nanditha S 21st Sep 2018 PR
12 Akshay K 26th Sep 2018 PR
13 Uday P 24th Sep 2018 PR
14 Manasseh A 3rd Oct 2018 PR
15 Ravi B 10th Oct 2018 PR
16 Jennifer D 10th Oct 2018 PR
17 Roshni N 11th Oct 2018 PR
18 Aanchal K 12th Oct 2018 PR
19 Shalaka B 19th Oct 2018 Visitor
20 Manjula S 23rd Oct 2018 Visitor
21 Priyanka V 04-Sep-18 PR
22 Anu S 05.09.2018 PR
23 Tanu P 06.09.2018 PR
24 Magesh G 10.09.2018 PR
25 Ms. Manju M 11.09.2018 PR
26 Krishna C 17.09.2018 PR
27 Pushpinder 25.09.2018 PR
28 Tegbeer C 25.10.2018 PR
29 Megha D 25.10.2018 Visitor
30 Devika A 06-Sep-18 PR
31 Sankha B 06-Sep-18 PR
32 Subhandu R 12-Sep-18 PR
33 Priyalakshmi G 12-Sep-18 PR
34 Charul C 12-Sep-18 PR
35 Ajit K 12-Sep-18 PR
36 Archana S 14-Sep-18 PR
37 Anuj W 20-Sep-18 PR
38 Allen M 26-Sep-18 PR
39 Kapish G 26-Sep-18 PR
40 Mridul J 05-Oct-18 PR
41 Ravneet 11-Oct-18 PR
42 Vinay S 16-Oct-18 PR
43 Sandeep S 23-Oct-18 PR
44 Prabhjyot 23-Oct-18 PR
45 VINEETH .S.V 23-Oct-18 PR
46 Anupriya K 24-Oct-18 PR


Visas Avenue is considered as specialist of Canada PR process and it continues to maintain its status and reputation as the Top Canadian Immigration Consultant in India. The VA Team received total 43 Permanent Residence (PR) visa approvals in September and October months.

List of clients received Australian Visa approvals through Visas Avenue in Sep-Oct 2018

S.No. Client Name Date of Approval/PPT request Category of Visa
1 Priyanka M 4th Sep 2018 PR
2 Arijit C 9th Oct 2018 PR
3 Puneet S 6th Sep 2018 PR
4 Supesha k 8th Oct 2018 Spouse Visa
5 Nithyananda S 12th Oct 2018 PR
6 Kanta M 14th Oct 2018 Visitor Visa
7 Sriharsha B 4th Sep 2018 PR
8 Nithya V 20th Sep 2018 PR
9 Naveen K 21st Sep 2018 PR
10 Abhishek 25th Sep 2018 PR
11 Ankit N 10th Oct 2018 PR


Australia is another country for which Visas Avenue clients receive the PR Visa approvals in good number consistently. However, in last few months Australia is trying to control the immigration influx in the country. The VA team has received total 11 visa approvals for Australia in September-October out of which 9 were PR visas.

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What makes Visas Avenue the best Visa Consultancy for Canada and Australia?

Dedicated client service, registered status, transparent process, Great expertise in Immigration program and procedures, Integrity and reasonable consultancy fees, etc. are few of the key features of Visas Avenue Immigration Consultancy Company in India. This is the reason that visa applicants choose Visas Avenue services. The client base of Visas Avenue has increased consistently over the last few years.

If you wish to apply visa in Canada or Australia, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue qualified immigration experts to start the process at earliest.

You may call Visas Avenue migration experts on Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Moreover, to get your eligibility checked and subsequently, receive a call from the expert, you may fill the free assessment form.

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