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by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on December 21, 2017

Canada PR Documentation

Documentation process of Immigration is not easy, especially when you are a layman, moving to the maple leaf country for the first time. Although, the Canadian government has eased the immigration requirements in the last couple of years to invite more and more immigrants in the country, however, immigration process demands and documentation are the things with which, no country likes to compromise.

Canada too is no exception in this regard, as the immigration department of Canada, i.e. IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has got the well-structured immigration system and guidelines for its key immigration programs inviting the immigrants in the country.

Canada Immigration Process and documentation

Canada has one of the best online immigration systems in the world, i.e. Federal Express Entry System. Although the system is online, however, the applicant often get stuck in the system if they don’t enough immigration points or the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score in Express Entry System. In such a case, the applicant needs to find out ways to either enhance their CRS score or opt for alternate immigration programs which can accept them even with the low immigration points.

The second challenge applicants face while moving to Canada is process documentation. You need certain documents to create a profile on online Express Entry System, such as Language test result to prove your language ability in English or French and Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from WES or any other authority. The ECA certifies your qualification obtained outside Canada after doing an assessment of your educational documents.

Get professional assistance for process documentation

You may take the help of an expert for the immigration process documentation. Visas Avenue Immigration, for instance, is the leading Immigration documentation Consultancy firm in India that help hundreds of applicants annually in immigration documentation. The accurate documentation is directly proportional to timely approval of your Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa.

The error-free application and documents have greater chance of getting approved by immigration office in time. And efficient documentation assistance in the Canada PR process has been the feature of Visas Avenue services over the last few years. It helped hundreds of Visas Avenue clients obtain the Canada PR visa well within the time in last few years.

Contact Visas Avenue for most essential Canada PR documentation assistance

Visas Avenue is associated with the IRCC accredited Canadian Immigration experts, which have years of experience and expertise to guide the clients’ perfect way in visa documentation and consequently, help them win the approval for their desired visa category. If you are one of the Canada PR visa aspirants in India, you may contact Visas Avenue immigration expert at any of its offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. You may also call Visas Avenue immigration expert at Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail your visa and immigration documentation process associated queries to Visas Avenue e-mail id-

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