Australia PR- Find out how March-Skilled Occupation List Changes will Impact your application in 2018

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on April 12, 2018

Skill Occupation List

Australian government has made several immigration changes in last few months under Turnbull administration. Well, making key immigration rule changes is essential for every country, in order to structure immigration procedure as per the current situation in the country.

Now if you are an immigration applicant, your job is to constantly track all the latest updates, understand them and implement the same while preparing or submitting your visa application.

Australia Immigration Changes in March 2018

The Aussie government implemented some key changes in its existing Skilled Occupation lists, as well as introduced a new occupation list, i.e. Regional Occupation List (ROL) to nominate foreign skilled workers for the positions in regional parts of Australia. Let’s find out these key changes and their impact on your Australian Skilled Visa applications in the year 2018.

(Note: With effect from April 19, 2017, Australian Government has replaced the old Occupation lists, i.e. SOL & CSOL with new Skilled Occupation lists, i.e. Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) & Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

The visa applicants, eligible to nominate an occupation from STSOL, also have access to some occupations in MLTSSL. Hence, both the lists (STSOL & MLTSSL) have been combined to form a new Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations and hence, there is no separate STSOL list.)

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  • New Occupations Added in the existing Skilled Occupation Lists

Some more occupations have been added to the Skilled Migration list, i.e. Flight Attendant, Translator, Driving Instructor, Jockey, etc. The newly added occupation will make more foreign skilled workers eligible to nominate an occupation and apply for the relevant skilled visa in Australia.

  • Occupations Removed from the List

Some occupations have also been removed from the existing Skilled Occupation list considering the latest demand of the same in the state of Ontario.

  • Some occupations Moved to ROL

Some occupations from the Skilled Migration lists have been moved to ROL (Regional Occupation List). The MLTSSL has lost 4 occupations and the STSOL has lost 10 occupations, i.e. Property Manager, Real Estate Representative, Electrical Lines worker, Wine Maker, etc. Australian government is in the process to expand the growth in the regional states of Oz. Hence, if your occupation is on the new ROL but no state is open for the same, you won’t be able to apply for the same.

  • Existing Lists have been updated

Eligible Skilled Occupation list and the combined list of Eligible Skilled Occupations have been updated as per the latest changes. Hence, if you are an applicant of Australian Skilled Visa, you must visit and explore the new skilled occupation lists, i.e. Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), combined current list of eligible skilled occupations, etc. to find out in which list your occupation falls and whether you are eligible to apply for the visa program mentioned for the same.

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