Apply Skilled Visa to work as Electrical Engineer in Australia- 640 Applications left to apply

by By Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on February 28, 2017

Engineer Jobs in Australia

Every young and talented skilled professional today dreams to move to Australia, however, very few gets the success on their submitted visa application.

Immigration and permanent residency in Australia involve various steps, which if you follow diligently, you may secure the desired Australian visa. However, the immigration applicants to Australia often falter due to lack of knowledge, fewer immigration points, making application late, rejection in visa, and so on. Coordination with a trusted Australian visa consultant can help you overcome all the obstacles you encounter while applying for a skilled visa in Australia.

Apply in High Demand Occupation to boost your chances

Applying in the high demand occupation enhances your chances of getting selected for the desired visa. The occupation of Electrical Engineer is one such occupation that is highly in demand, and applying under this occupation can really bring positive result on your application.

The occupation of Electrical Engineer is included in the skilled occupation list 2016-17. There were 1254 applications allocated by the government for this job profile in the list, out of which, 614 applications are closed already. Now only 640 positions are left to apply if you want to work in Australia as Electrical Engineer.

Apply for Subclass 189 Visa- the best Australian skilled visa

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 is the best Australian skilled visa to apply. You can apply for this visa directly through SkillSelect – an online system to process the Expression of Interests (EOIs) received for Australian Skilled Visas.

Benefits of Subclass 189 Visa

  • You don’t require any State nomination to Apply
  • You don’t require any employer sponsorship to apply
  • Can apply through online SkillSelect System
  • This is the permanent visa.
  • The holder of this visa can live, work and study anywhere in Australia on a permanent basis.
  • Can accompany eligible family members with you to Australia
  • Family workers can also study and work in Australia with conditions
  • Can receive various social security benefits from Australian government as a permanent resident.
  • Can apply for permanent residency after spending sufficient time on Subclass 189 permanent visa

How to apply

To apply you first need to acquire the required documents, such as Skill Assessment report, to get your skills verified for your selected occupation along with the English Language proficiency test, such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Now you need to submit the Expression of Interest in the SkillSelect and score minimum 60 points based on your age, work experience, language skills, etc. factors. You will get ITA (invitation to apply) if your profile is selected by the immigration authorities. Once you received ITA, submit the visa application form along with necessary documents to Australia immigration office. The Immigration office will carry out the usual verification process with regards to background check and documents, etc. The office may also seek the medical and PCC certificate as per the process requirements. Once all the formalities were done and everything found correct with your application, you will get the visa approval.

The standard process takes 3-6 months; however, to avoid unwanted delay or any possibility of denial etc., you may take services from a registered Australian immigration consultant. In case, you need help, assistance or support in Australia immigration process, you may send an email to immigration expert at

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