Applying for the Permanent Residency in Canada? Know Key Things about Canadian Permanent Resident Card

by Rajneesh Kumar

Posted on January 22, 2016

Permanent Resident Card For Canada

Canada is a one of the key developed nations that is considered as the perfect place for the individuals and families to get settled. It is evident from the number Permanent Residency applications; it receives every year from different parts of the world. Canada’s immigration system and programs, i.e. Express Entry System, QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program), PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs), etc. are also popular all over the world. If you are also one of the Canadian PR applicants, you must know about the Permanent Resident Card in Canada.

What is a Canadian Permanent resident card?

Well, the Permanent Resident Card is basically a pocket sized card made of plastic that in fact is an official document or evidence, which confirms your status as a permanent resident of Canada. If you have applied for permanent residency in Canada, you will get the PR card as part of immigration procedure. However, you must keep it intact all the time.

Key Things to Know About Permanent Resident Card

As a permanent residency applicant, you must know the below things about Permanent Resident Card.

  • Sent by CIC At Mailing Address: The PR Card is mailed to your residence address in Canada. If you have not provided your mailing address to CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada), before arriving Canada, you must give the same after your arrival in Canada at the earliest. Also, if you have changed your mailing address before the PR card is delivered, inform CIC about the same.
  • To be Displayed to Re-Enter in Canada: As a permanent resident, if you are returning to Canada through boat, airplane, or any other commercial carrier, you need to display this card.
  • New PR Card: In case your card is lost, expired, or stolen, you must apply for a new permanent resident card. Moreover, as a permanent resident card holder, do inform CIC, if you change your address any point of time.
  • It is used as ID Proof: The PR Card can also be used as ID proof for getting other government benefits and services, i.e. SIN (Social Insurance Number), Bank account opening, health card, etc.

It is advisable to get an Assistance from a Reliable Immigration Consultant for Immigration to Canada

There are various aspects and internal things, which needs clear understanding before you actually apply in any of the immigration programs or for the Canadian Visa under a particular category on receipt of the invitation. In such a scenario, help and assistance from a reliable Visa Consultancy Services can prove immensely vital in understanding the complex immigration procedure and also to know about the post landing services, i.e. Federal benefits & Services, housing and accommodation, job opportunities, community services, etc.

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