What are the Pathways to get PR Visa in Australia from India as a Skilled Professional?


Looking to get PR in Australia from India? Well, it is certainly a wise decision in view of job and career growth opportunities Australia offers to the Indian Skilled professionals.

Indians are employed in top multinational companies today across the globe. Hence, the demand of Indian professional is immense in many advanced countries. Australia being an advanced nation with fast growing industries and economy is no exception to this.

Demand of Skilled Professionals in Australia

Australia needs skilled professionals for its several key industries and occupations, i.e. Engineers, IT, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc. Hence, if you are a skilled worker in India, you have every reason to apply for permanent skilled visa in Australia. Moreover, Australia is a wonderful country to settle with its world class cities, high living standards, outstanding infrastructure facilities, high employment rate, quality of life, and vibrant lifestyle, etc.

What are the pathways to get PR in Australia from India?

Australia is popular for its most organized point based immigration system. It has designed various skilled visas to allow the overseas skilled professionals in the country. If you want to get permanent residency in Australia from India as a Skilled Worker, you have below key pathways to follow:

Apply for

Employer’s Nomination Scheme(Subclass186)

In this pathway, you first need to get the employment offer from an approved employer in Australia. Once you have received the employment offer, you can apply for the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa in Australia, which offers PR to the selected candidates.

Go for State Nomination

The State nomination is another key option to get PR in Australia. In this pathway, you first require getting the nomination from State or territory government agency in Australia. Once you have got the nomination, you can apply for State Nominated Subclass 190 visa.

Non-Sponsored visa pathway

If you choose to apply through this pathway, you don’t need any nomination or sponsorship from Australian state or employer. You need to apply for Skill Independent Subclass 189 Visa. To apply, you can simply submit in SkillSelect online system, if you are selected, you will get ITA (invitation to apply for PR visa in Australia.

Role of Skilled Occupation List

Australia also releases the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) every year that includes the highly in demand occupations in Australia, which are facing the skill shortage. As an Australian skilled visa applicant, you first need to nominate an occupation from a relevant Skilled Occupation List and subsequently follow the process to apply for skilled visa, based on the same. If you seek assistance to apply for Australian skilled visa or PR, you may coordinate with a reliable immigration consultancy service.

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