Moving to Australia? Find out How to choose between ‘Visa first’ or ‘Job First’


Australia is a wonderful country to move to, especially for the career oriented youngsters, looking for the high paying jobs, and excellent living standards. However, immigration to Australia is not that easy anymore, as it used to a few decades ago. Now, there are separate visa categories, point based system in place, and some new immigration rules and procedures have been introduced. All these things make Australia immigration a challenging task in hand. A major challenge the skilled workers from overseas often face is to choose between the options, Visa first or Job first.

Let’s first understand both these pathways for immigration to Australia.

Immigration to Australia with Job First

Through this pathway, you first need to obtain a job offer from an approved employer in Australia, who can sponsor you for the relevant visa categories, i.e. Subclass 457 Visa (Temporary) or Subclass 186 Visa (permanent). The good thing with such visa categories is that you get the job ready when you land in Australia. See here all visas categories

Employer Sponsored Visa Subclass 457 is one of the most common and popular employers sponsored visas, which allows the visa holder to live and work in Australia for up to four years.

Moving to Australia with Visa First

In this pathway, you can apply directly for the Permanent residency visa in Australia, i.e. Subclass 189 visa, without obtaining any job offer from Australia. Permanent Residency Visa allows you to live, work or study anywhere in Australia on a permanent basis.

Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is one of the most popular permanent residence visa, applied by a huge number of applicants every year to move to Australia and get settled permanently.

Which one to choose between the two?

Well, both the visa types have their own advantages and limitations. The people who want to support their stay right from the world go, prefer to get the job first before moving to Australia and hence, apply for the relevant visas. On the other end, Permanent Residency Visa also has its own benefits. First of all, you don’t need to be under the whip of an employer, once you land in Australia if you have got your permanent residency visa granted already.

If you have moved to Australia on a temporary visa, i.e. employer sponsored visa, i.e. Subclass 457 visa, you lose the visa on losing the job, and then it’s a whole chaos and headache for you as an applicant. On the contrary, if you have got a permanent visa, you are free to work in any occupation under any employer in Australia.

The other advantage that a skilled permanent residence visa is that most of its process is Online through SkillSelect System, which makes the process faster. If everything goes fine with your application, you may get the ITA (invitation to apply) for visa within few days and the approval for visa within few weeks.

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How to receive a crucial advice and assistance?

Well, taking an advice or assistance from a registered Australia migration expert, can prove vital in terms of enhancing your success rate, speeding up the application process, and eliminating the errors, etc. You may also get the crucial advice for choosing the right visa category from a reliable Australia immigration consultant you hire. Finally, if you still have doubts and concern about choosing the right immigration pathway to Australia, you may get in touch with a certified migration expert by sending a mail at

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