‘Job Match’ System Introduced for Canadian Employers for Hiring Overseas Workers under TFWP


The Canadian government has introduced the ‘Job Match’ Service for hiring under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The new system will be effective from August 28, 2017. Hence, employers in Canada will now have to go through the new system if they wish to hire overseas workers under Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Use the ‘Job Match Service’ via Job Bank Account

The employers can access the new ‘Job Match’ service via their Job Bank Account. The employers will use the job bank service to invite the prospective employees who meet some criteria of compatibility with the job position being advertised. The Job Match System will influence both high as well as low-income applications for LMIA (Labour Market Impact assessment).

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What is LMIA?

The Canadian employers require obtaining the LMIA approval before they hire an employee from overseas. The Labour Market Impact assessment ensures that no Canadian worker was overlooked while offering a particular position offered to a foreign worker. The LMIA approval signifies that there was no Canadian available to take up the job offered to a foreign applicant.

LMIA Exempt Job Positions

Not every job offered to a foreign worker need LMIA approval in advance. There are several other pathways through which skilled workers are hired in Canada. The International Mobility Program (IMP) is also one of such program, which allows the hiring of foreign workers for LMIA-exempt positions under different streams, i.e. IEC (International Experience in Canada), NAFTA, and Intra- company transfer, etc.

LMIA advertising requirements

In certain cases, the employers also need to fulfill the advertisement need before actually applying for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). These are the positions which are not LMIA exempt under International Mobility Program or any other LMIA-exempt program. However, with effect from August 28, 2017, employers in all provinces and territories would need to post an advertisement on the Job Bank. Moreover, they also need to organize to extra ways of hiring (recruitment) based on the occupation. As part of this rule, employers in different provinces and territories would require using the Job Bank as well as the provincial or territorial job boards as the added hiring pathway.

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LMIA Procedure for Low Wage and High Wage Jobs

The LMIA procedure is not same for high wage or low wage positions being offered to foreign workers. The employers rated 2 stars or more as well as 4 stars or more, need to invite all job seekers matched within the first 30 days (almost a month), of the job advertisement posted on Canada Job Bank.

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