Great Demand of Healthcare Professionals in Western Australia! Apply for PR Visa now


If you are a healthcare professional, you have a great chance to get Permanent Residency and subsequently, settle in Australia. At now, the Western Australia- a major Australian state is facing the skill shortage in the healthcare sector; hence, it is inviting application from the overseas healthcare professionals to apply for nomination.

Significant Demand for Healthcare professionals in Australia

There is a great scarcity of skilled workers and professionals involved in healthcare occupations, i.e. Registered Nurse (in various domains), General practitioner, Psychiatrist, Midwife, Sonographer, Orthoptist, etc. Australia has recently revised its Skilled Occupation list and given the utmost priority to the healthcare associated occupations.

WA Revised its Skilled Occupation List

Western Australia (WA) is the major Australian state. Recently the state has revised its Skilled Occupation list, i.e. Western Australia Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL) for state nomination. The earlier list had 178 occupations, however, after the recent update, new WA Occupation List only contains 18 occupations. The revised list mostly includes Health associated occupations, which clearly reflects the rising demand for this occupation in the Western Australia. Here is the list of revised Skilled Occupation list of Western Australia including Healthcare occupations.

Revised WASMOL with Healthcare Occupations

S.NO. ANZSCO code* Skilled O ccu pation Eligi ble visas Status
190 visa 489 visa
1 251214 Sonographer Yes Yes Available
2 251412 Orthoptist Yes Yes Available
3 252711 Audiologist Yes Available
4 253111 General Practitioner Yes Available
5 253316 Gastroenterologist Yes Yes Available
6 253323 Rheumatologist Yes Yes Available
7 253411 Psychiatrist Yes Yes Available
8 253513 Neurosurgeon Yes Yes Available
9 253515 Otorhinolaryngologist Yes Yes Available
10 253521 Vascular Surgeon Yes Yes Available
11 253913 Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Yes Yes Available
12 2539 18 Radiation Oncologist Yes Yes Available
13 254111 Midwife Yes Available
14 254413 Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) Yes Available
15 254414 Registered Nurse (Community Health) Yes Available
16 254415 Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) Yes Available
17 254422 Registered Nurse (Mental Health) Yes Available
18 254423 Registered Nurse (Perioperative) Yes Available


Relevant Visa Categories to Apply for PR Visa in Western Australia (WA)

Here are the relevant visa categories to move to Western Australia:

  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visa

This permanent visa allows you to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. However, to apply for this visa you first need to obtain the nomination from the state of Western Australia. Choose an occupation from the above list and nominate the same to apply for the nomination from WA.

  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa

This temporary visa allows you to live and work in Western Australia for up to four years. To apply for this visa you need to obtain the nomination from a state or territory government in regional Australia or any eligible family member residing in the regional part of the Oz.

Both the above visas are the part of point based General Skilled Migration Program Australia. Hence, the eligibility of a candidate is adjudged based on the points he/she score for profile factors, i.e. age, language skills, work experience, education, etc.

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