Does Canadian PR help you Acquire Relevant Job offer from Canada?


Canada is the top immigrant friendly country in the world at the moment. It is evident from the number of people apply for Canada PR annually. The credit goes to the Canadian government that has established Canada as the most desired country for immigrants, through its lenient immigration policies and constantly easing immigration rules and requirements. Express Entry System is the most popular pathway to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. However, the express entry does not commit to provide any job offer to the applicants registering their profile in the system for Canadian PR.

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Express Entry System- A pathway to Get Canada PR without Job offer

Express Entry offers the pathway to the applicants to apply and gets Permanent Residency in Canada even without a Canadian employment offer. The candidates, who have received ITA (Invitation to apply) for Canada PR from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), can apply directly for the Permanent residence visa to IRCC, even if they don’t have a job offer

However, the candidates applying in the federal express entry system often remain circumspect about their chances of getting a suitable job in Canada upon their arrival in the ‘maple leaf country’ on PR Visa. Managing the living expenses in Canada in first few weeks without a job is another major concern people moving to Canada often have.

How Express Entry Can Help you obtain an Employment offer from Canada

Well, the following fact can certainly please you if you had similar concerns. You can even get crucial help and assistance in finding a relevant job in Canada if your Canada PR visa is approved. When you can apply for jobs in Canada from your home country, you can always mention the fact that your PR status is approved sharing the relevant details, i.e. approval documents, IELTS score for English language proficiency, ECA status cleared, etc.

Canadian Employers prefer the candidates with PR Status

This goes as a proven fact that Canadian employers always prefer the candidates, who have already got their PR visa approved. They find it safe to offer a job to someone with Canada PR status compared to the one who is relatively unknown for the country. The candidates having PR status confirmed also helps the employers in terms of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

Hence, always mention the details of your Canada PR status in covering letters, resume, job sites, job applications to the employer, etc.

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Seek Advice, assistance or support to obtain Canada PR Visa

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