High Demand for software Engineers in New Zealand


New Zealand is well known globally for its entrepreneurial, inventive and innovative edge. With this feats and reputation, software development and software engineering in New Zealand has rapidly become anideal of modern innovation.

The country’s skills for InfoTech has become popular in recent years with its famous names like Weta Digital and Avatar and it’s all evident that New Zealand is an inspiring and unique place to develop great ideas hence the country is in need for software engineers – that is to say high demand for software engineers in New Zealand is needed.

To be amongst the lucky ones to get such a very high lucrative job in New Zealand, then you must first be qualified as one who meets its basic New Zealand skilled migrant visa requirement. There are various types of visas that you may be suitable to apply for. Work visas are for a temporary stay in New Zealand but some can lead to residence. Resident visas, such as the Skilled Migrant Category, allow you to stay indefinitely and enjoy more of the country’s public services.

Visas Avenue will help you get the required skilled migrant visa by helping you open the application professionally and ensure you get the permanent residence to travel and settle permanently as a software engineer in New Zealand.

As of now, New Zealand InfoTech industry contributes nearly NZ$18 billion to the national economy and this is sure to rise given the extensive growth of the market, and international demand for what comes out from this part of the world.

Demand for software engineers overseas is on the high but that of New Zealand opens up better opportunities as its wage is very mouthwatering with a good security package attached to it.

This is your chance to combine a unique lifestyle with a career in an industry that’s making people around the world sit up and take notice.

Visas Avenue will help you get this done with no hassles and you can be assured of the successful visa application for Australia, Canada and New Zealand when you trust us enough to help, just as we have helped thousands of people achieve this.

There are about 2,000 plus businesses in the sector employing about 40,000 people and there is continuing huge demand for staff as the importance of this position to the country’s business economy continues to grow.

We have about 72% of New Zealand employers report that skill deficiencies are affecting business results today hence this shortage of ICT skills is forcing the country to call people from overseas, seeking settlement options in New Zealand.

Median annual pay for software engineer is around $59,000 while cost of living in New Zealand is about 1, 3434 USD.

This is all added up to one thing – better opportunity for immigrants to exploit and live there.

If you are a software engineer, contact us now to help you secure a job placement in New Zealand today.

New Zealand has very good economy and its policies are in good favor for immigrants there.

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