Demand for Skilled Workers is rising in the Construction Sector of Australia


Australia is a paradise for skilled workers and professionals, who need better career and wages in an advanced nation. Every year tens of thousands of skilled workers and professionals apply for relevant skilled visas and subsequently, move to Australia to work in various high-demand occupations in the Oz. The Construction sector is a crucial part of Australia’s industry and the job market has always welcomed skilled workers from all parts of the world. At now, the demand for skilled workers in the Construction sector of Australia is rising largely.

Rising Demand for Construction Sector workers in Australia

As already confirmed, the demand of construction workers has always existed in Australia, however, now the experts are observing some change in pattern. Earlier, plumbers, joiners, plasters, etc. used to get hired the most, however, now the Contract Administrators, Supervisors, Site Managers, etc. are also in great demand.  This demand of construction workers is rising in most of the states in Australia. Let’s take a look.

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New South Wales

NSW (New South Wales) is one of the top states, which are demanding construction workers. Some employers or organisations in the region are planning to hire the workers even without the project so that they can employ them later when the projects actually start.

Some key facts in this regard have been revealed by the Hays recruitment- job market report.


The demand for construction workers is also considerable in the Victoria state of Australia, particularly in Melbourne. In the city of Melbourne, there are multiple construction projects are in progress relating to infrastructure and Commercial construction. Residential and apartment market is also vibrant these days in the city.

Demand in ACT (Australian Capital Territory)

In view of rising property projects (mixed use) and flourishing multi-residential market, defense projects, commercial projects, etc. (Brisbane), the demand of construction workers has increased tremendously in Australia Capital Territory (ACT).

SA and WA

With publicity funded projects and commercial market thriving in the South Australia (SA) and Western Australia (WA), the job opportunities for permanent workers are increasing drastically in these regions.

As per the experts, very soon, the demand for workers in the construction sector is likely to rise to a record level. As per ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) in beginning of this year (month of January or February), just over 42,000 jobs were established relating to building and engineering.

The demand for construction workers is also significant in Queensland, due to growing residential and building projects in the region.

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