Canada Vs Australia- Which Country is better to move for an IT Professional?


Australia and Canada are the two of most favorite countries of immigrants. Every year, millions of people apply for immigration to these countries and thousands get selected as well. However, when it comes to selecting one country among them for immigration, you really get stuck. If you are an IT professional the decision become even more complicated.

How to choose between Canada and Australia as an IT professinal

Choosing one of these countries for immigration is a difficult decision to make if you are an IT professional. Both these countries have excellent economy, incredible infrastructure, high employment rate, and high living standard, etc.

Let’s find out the key aspects of these countries in favor of IT professionals to make out which country is better to move to.


Australia is considered as one of the best places to move to for IT professionals. It’s a home to many top class IT industries and organizations. It also offers highly paid jobs to the overseas IT professionals, probably the best in the world. The workplace laws of Australia are also well defined. The new Queensland skilled occupation list launched for Australia Immigration Click here for more details –

It also has organized point based skilled visas to invite and allow IT professionals in the country. A few of key visas that suit the IT professionals best are, Skill Independent Subclass 189 visa, Subclass 457 visa, Subclass 186 visa, Subclass 190 visa, etc. So, all above reasons are sufficient to go pick Australia for immigration.


Canada is prominent and the best country for immigrants in the world. It has relatively lenient immigration policies despite being one of the best countries in the word. It also offers various key immigration programs to allow IT professionals or the skilled immigrants in the country, i.e. Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), etc.

At now there is a great shortage of ICT professionals in Canada. So, you have two prime reasons to move to Canada. Firstly, it’s a best country for immigrants with relatively soft immigration policies and multiple benefits for immigrants. And secondly, the fast growing IT industries in Canada desperately need the IT professional in huge numbers. As per a report Canada require close to 1, 90,000 professionals for its IT industries by 2019. In view of all above reasons, Canada is surely a country to move to for immigration especially if you are an IT professional.

Which country you should move as IT professional?

Well, as already mentioned, it’s always a difficult decision to choose among Canada and Australia for Immigration. However, you can employer certain tiebreaker points to take a decision, i.e.

  • Choose a country where you have some contacts as well, as it always helps when it comes to integration and settlement
  • Different lifestyle in both the countries can be a tiebreaker point for some people, as the life in Australia is fast and energetic for youngsters, whereas Canada’s mild approach appeals more to the people willing to raise the family
  • Australia offers high wages to IT professionals compared to Canada.
  • Immigration and PR policies and social security benefits are favorable for immigrants in Canada than Australia.

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  1. Souvik says

    Hi Visa avenue i was reading all your post regarding Australia vs Canada and it was very informative! I am a soft engg. with 7yr exp from India(working in IBM currently).I am planning to migrate to Canada ( apply for Canada PR ).I have no contacts/relatives in either Australia/Canada. So, I would like to ask you am I taking the right decision.Will I find a IT/software job in Canada? Where will I get a job faster with low risk Aus or Can? Where can i get the pr visa fater Aus/Can?This is a huge investment for me and I don’t want to lose money/finance/time after staying in either Aus/Can trying to find a job/offer.Kindly suggest me which country to choose?
    P.S. : I am more inclined towards migration to Canada.

    1. Visas Avenue says

      Hello Souvik, Thanks for connecting with us. For Details, please share your Updated CV we check and inform you which criteria is suitable for you.

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